The Secrid Wallet is a very conservative wallet that is ideal to utilize. The cards come out progressively with a switch; there is additional space for paper cash and some additional cards or coins. This makes a Secrid exceptionally commonsense. Furthermore, your cards and hence likewise information are secured against undesirable skimming. This additionally makes a Secrid highly protected.

Meet the Secrid Wallet. Pasjeshouder dames that may become your perfect wallet after reading all the benefits. A Secrid is little in size yet shockingly enormous away choices. Since an ever-increasing number of individuals pay via ‘card’, a Secrid is the best swap for the customary wallet. The Secrid Wallets are accessible in various variations. Peruse the distinctions beneath and track down your ideal Secrid cardholder.

Sorts of Secrid Wallets


The Secrid Cardprotector is the most moderate wallet in the assortment. The Cardprotector is the ‘core’ all things considered. The considerable benefit of the Cardprotector is that it is the most reduced in the pocket. With one development, the cards come out bit by bit. The aluminum lodging shields the cards from breaking and undesirable skimming. The Cardprotector fits six cards. The Cardprotector offers no space for paper cash or additional cards.


The Secrid Cardslide is a Portemonnee comprising a Cardprotector and a Slide, held together by a Money band. A Slide is a plastic cover that is slid over the Cardprotector. Since it is held set up with a Money band, it very well may be deftly moved to and fro. The Slide offers additional room for paper cash, coins and other little basics. The system offers admittance to your cards with one straightforward development.


The Secrid Miniwallet is little yet offers a ton of room for cards and cash. The Miniwallet has a Card protector with a leather cover around it. The Miniwallet has a press stud with which you can close the wallet. Notwithstanding the space for six cards in the Card protector, the Miniwallet has a paper cash compartment and an additional two slip pockets. The additional room is great for cards, paper cash, receipts or a couple of coins. The Secrid Mini wallet fits in practically any pack, coat or pocket because of its conservative size.

Slim wallet

The Secrid Slim wallet offers similar choices as the Miniwallet. However, the slim wallet has a Card protector with a leather cover around it without the press stud. This guarantees that the slim wallet is marginally more compliment than the Miniwallet. The Slim Wallet is ideal for somebody who needs as smaller as expected, however capacity limit. The thin profile makes it ideal for a pant or front pocket. The aluminum lodging forestalls undesirable perusing of the cards.


Secrid’s heart lies in making practical, up-to-date and socially capable items that are great for all kinds of people. The Secrid Wallets are made in the Netherlands with the best consideration for quality, individuals and the climate and delivered with energy under excellent conditions. The right wallet for each pocket on the world. Another issue that we face is saved your cell phones from harm. For this, we encourage you to purchase Telefoontasje for your cell phones.
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