Which Resume Builder Is Actually Free?

If you’re currently working on your resume, you may have noticed that there are a lot of resume services out there. Many of them claim to be free. Are they?

We’ll look at the different types of resume services available, and what to look for (and watch out for) when choosing a free resume builder. Then, we’ll share our top pick.

(Can’t wait to find out? Resume Giants is our top pick for a quick online resume builder.)

Types of Resume Services

When you search for resume services online, you’ll typically find two types: free resume builders and resume writing services.

Free resume builders are do-it-yourself, self-service programs. They will ask you a series of questions, and you will type in the necessary information. You will also get to choose your template – colors, layout, font, etc. Finally, you may be able to customize your resume with personalized headings and optional resume sections.

Resume writing services, on the other hand, are NOT free. These companies or freelancers personally write and design your resume for you. Resume writing services typically start at $99 and may cost $400 or more. These services take longer than online resume builders as well – typically weeks instead of minutes. And, you’ll still have to do a lot of writing yourself – after all, you have to fill out survey questions similar to the ones on the resume builder to give the writer something to work with.

All in all, free resume builders are more affordable and the results are usually just as good. But with so many options available, how can you choose a good one?

What to Look for in a Free Resume Builder

Use this checklist to find a good resume builder website and avoid being scammed.

  1. Nothing suspicious. If your browser flags a website as suspicious or unsafe, don’t click on it. 
  2. No hidden fees. Most resume builders require you to sign up for a free account in order to download your document. If they ask for credit card information, have a subscription fee, or require you to pay for the download or to have the watermark removed, look elsewhere.
  3. Ease of use. The best resume builders have simple menus that are easy to use, even for those not skilled with computers.
  4. Good template selection. You should be able to choose a template that represents who you are. The best websites offer at least a dozen template options. Some even let you customize elements within each template.
  5. Customization options. Everyone’s resume needs are different. You should be able to customize heading titles and choose which sections to include or omit.
  6. PDF file downloads with no watermark. PDF are the file format of choice. Don’t use sites that require a watermark, as this can appear unprofessional.
  7. Help if needed. The best resume builders have informative how-to articles and chat features.

No. 1 Free Resume Builder: Resume Giants

Resume Giants is our top pick for a quick online resume builder. It checks all the boxes in the above checklist. It is a trusted website. You will need to create a free account, but you will never be charged. The site is easy to use – the resume builder app will walk you through the information you need to include. Along the way, you can change section headings, skip sections, choose from a list of optional sections, or even create your own.

Resume Giants has many templates you can choose from, ranging from classic to modern styles. Some are minimalist, black and white resumes, while others are vibrant and colorful. Many of the templates can be customized with your favorite color scheme.

When you’re finished writing your resume, you can download it as a PDF or TXT file. You can also request a private link to an online version of your resume to share on social media or via email.

What if you need help along the way? Resume Giants has you covered. You can check out their informative how-to articles, or click “Contact” at the bottom of the website. From the Contact page, you can send a message to the Resume Giants team requesting technical support, tips and advice, suggestions, or whatever you need.

Other Free Resume Builders

There are a lot of free resume builders on the market today. Others that advertise free resume building services include:

If you’re looking to make your credentials available online (rather than printing or email the document), we recommend LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile can include everything that your resume can and then some. It also acts as an online portfolio, allowing you to link to samples of your work.

Key Takeaways

  • Resume Giants is one of the best free resume builders on the market.
  • It is completely free, easy to use, and allows you to customize your resume.