It is a fact that every person loves to travel. Traveling is like a therapy that will help you in not only exploring new places but it will also motivate you to keep going positive in life. India is a land of places where you can travel and experience something. Whenever a person talks about traveling, the first thing that comes in the mind is which hotel should be booked for the stay. Whenever you are coming to Mysore, to have the best experience it is better to book at the Grand Mercure Mysore. Because of the covid situation, the guests coming to this hotel needs to follow some of the instructions.

If you are here in Mysore there are so many historical, adventurous, and interesting places to visit. Let’s have a look at the must-visit places in Mysore.

  • Mysore Palace: This is one of the famous attractions for the tourist whenever they visit this city. This palace is known for outstanding architectural building that was built in the 20th century. This place is also known as Amba Vilas Palace. This palace is a great showcase for the blend of the architecture of Rajput, Muslim, and gothic style. The overall look of the palace mesmerized the eyes of the visitors. It has a massive garden area at the entrance of the palace. Such a royal look makes it more popular among the people.
  • Kishkindhamoolika bonsai garden: This another famous garden of Mysore that is popular for different types of bonsai plants. This is a very interesting place to travel with your children as this will help them to know more about bonsai plants. Here you can experience the natural beauty of nature and can calm your mind.
  • Sri Chamarajendra zoological garden: If you are an animal lover, then this is a must-visit place in Mysore. Many schools and colleges organize educational trips to this zoo. If you want to experience something thrilling and engaging in life. It is better to visit this place whenever you visit this place.
  • SukhaVana: This is a rehabilitation center for birds and one of the must-visit places of Mysore. This is the best place for people who are bird lovers, here you will find different species of parrots with different colors. At this place, they preserve all types of birds’ species and is a shelter for the injured birds. Every tourist that visits this place will get astonished by seeing so many of the bird species here.
  • GRS Fantasy Park: If you are a person that likes to do thrill in life then this is the most exciting place that you should not miss visiting. This place has many water and land rides that will excite you, your friends, and your family. You need to have a full day spend here to experience every ride. This fantasy park is full of knowledge about moderns as well as historical Mysore.
  • Brindavan Gardens: These gardens are situated just below the Krishna Raja sagara dam and are one of the major tourist attractions for the people visiting Mysore. It is one of the most beautiful gardens in India. Here you can experience the beauty of nature along with musical fountains that are usually conducted in the evening. People from across the world come here to visit the beauty and enjoy nature here.
  • Karanji Lake: This lake is situated at the foot of the hills name Chamundi. This lake was constructed by the kings of Mysore and is one of the largest lakes and is very famous among the tourists for its scenic beauty. This lake is considered to be home to different birds and fishes. If you are in Mysore then you must visit this place.
  • Sri Chamundeshwari Temple: This is considered to be one of the sacred places of India where you can see the full view of the city. This temple is dedicated to the goddess Durga. Devotees come to seek her blessings. The structure of the temple is very interesting with pillars and walls engraved with some of the wording with deep meanings. This temple is one of the revered places of the Mysore and one of the most-visit ones as well.
  • Jagamohan Palace Art Gallery: This Palace was also built by the kings of Mysore and is one of the seven palaces in the city. This place is famous for its art and gallery work here. Even the hall in the palace is famous for doing any sort of formal function. The gallery here has the best artifacts collection of India that makes this place very popular among the people. Art lovers should visit this place.
  • St. Philomena’s Cathedral: This is the church that is very famous among the tourists. Here they can take a break to explore the history of the church and soothe their mind. This was built by one of the kings of the Mysore and is now among the largest Cathedrals in Asia.
  • Talakad: The tour of the city is not complete until you visit this place. This is the birthplace of the most popular river of south India named the Cauvery river. The tourists can enjoy the landscapes and watch different birds over here. Even a historical temple is right next to it and can be visited whenever you come here. 

So from all these places, it is clear that Mysore is the land of different historical and beautiful places. So whenever you come here then do visit these places with your family and friends. Book your accommodation in Grand Mercure Mysore that will provide with providing you with the best experience of stay in a hotel. There are different types of rooms available here, you can go with the type of room and facility that you want. Considering the current situation, they are taking all the required precautions to ensure the safety of the guests visiting their hotel. They avail their guests with a free wifi facility, 24-hour open coffee shop, restaurant, and all the facilities that the guest might require during their stay here. 

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