The increased use of cloud computing is a pivotal factor for businesses today. If you are just entering the world of cloud computing, it is better to choose a cloud platform like the AWS cloud or Azure that easily familiarize you with the basics of cloud computing. Overall, there are three popular cloud computing services:

  • Amazon Web Services 
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

Out of these three, AWS has the upper hand in the market and has been the largest shareholder among all cloud platforms. Microsoft Azure comes second in market share and then GCP. Certified AWS training teaches you to design and plan various AWS cloud computing services. Although both Azure and AWS have their distinct features and advantages, you can choose the path that would best suit your needs. Know about Bytefence and also know is Bytefence safe or Not?

Top 5 Differences Between AWS & Azure

  1. Computing Power
  • AWS

AWS EC2 users can build their virtual machines or choose from pre-configured virtual machine images and customize them accordingly. AWS users also have the option to choose the size, power and a number of virtual machines with their respective time-zones with which to launch from.

  • Azure

Azure users have the option of using a Virtual Hard Disk, which is equivalent to a virtual machine. VHD can be installed by Microsoft, or the user or even a third party. The user needs to specify the number of cores and memory while using Azure.

  • Storage
  • AWS

AWS has the feature of temporary storage which is allowed once the program starts and it gets destroyed when the application is aborted. They even provide the feature of block storage which is equivalent to hard disks. AWS supports relational databases, NoSQL databases and even Big Data.

  • Azure

Azure provides temporary storage through block storage for virtual machines. Block storage even facilitates object storage. Azure supports relational and NoSQL databases and also Big Data through Azure Table. Azure also provides the feature of website recovery, import-export and data backup as recovery options.

  • Network
  • AWS

Amazon AWS offers the use of a private cloud known as the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This helps the users to create segregated networks within the cloud itself. Using the feature of this private AWS cloud, a user can also create subnets, route tables, private IP addresses, and also network gateways.

  • Azure

Microsoft Azure also has its private cloud, known as Virtual Network (VNET). It facilitates the users in creating an isolated network, subnets, route tables, private IP addresses and network gateways. 

Pricing Models

  • AWS 

AWS certification training has a pay-as-you-go model which means that you pay for a service before you use it and you cannot use more than you have paid for. AWS charges per hour. 

  • Azure 

Microsoft Azure’s pricing is also a pay-as-you-go model, but they charge according to the minute. This provides a more specific pricing model. Azure also provides short term payment options such as prepaid and monthly charges. 

  • User-friendliness
  • AWS

Amazon offers some extra features and layouts which makes the certification and the application harder. Experts agree that AWS offers a lot of power, flexibility, and compatibility with many third-party integrations but the only catch is its steep learning curve.

  • Azure 

If you have experience working with Windows, Azure will be easier to learn and use as it is built on a Windows platform and doesn’t require much learning. It’s very easy to integrate Azure applications on Windows servers with cloud instances to create a steady environment. 

AWS Cloud Architect

On successful completion of this course, you get to play a vital role in an organization’s cloud computing strategy as an AWS Cloud Architect. This certification teaches you to plan, design, and implement cloud technologies in AWS. This course starts with designing and building basic applications, and then later moves to create an optimized, scalable, protected, and cost-efficient architecture.

AWS Associate

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is one of the most sought-after cloud computing certifications in the world today. This course is designed for those who aspire to learn the AWS associate course and become a Certified Solutions Architect. 


AWS and Azure have many similar qualities too; it depends on your needs. Koenig Solutions provides expert courses designed to kickstart your cloud career, no matter whether you choose Azure or AWS. Attaining AWS training and certificationopens up plenty of job opportunities.

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