Prado or Fortuner

Toyota’s 2021 Prado and the 2021 Fortuner each fulfill the wishes for buyers who are looking for an SUV with off road capabilities. There are differences and there are similarities both in price, power, and comfort.

The Toyota Prado can be thought of as an SUV that offers comfort, durability and stability. Vehicle safety is also an important factor. The Prado review tells us that it is roomy with options for upgrades for extra space for passengers in the third row seats, and it offers heated and cooling options for both the front and second row seats.

The 2021 Toyota Fortuner’s GX, unlike the Prado, comes with the third row seating, although the third row seats fold against the side windows, while the Prado’s third row seats fold down to the floor. The Toyota Fortuner GXL offers heated front seats and ventilated front seats but their leather seats are optional.

The Toyota Prado

Under the hood, the engine is the same as the Fortuner. It has a 2.8 liter diesel engine with two counter rotating balance shafts that cut down on vibration to give you a quieter ride. It’s price is a little higher than the Fortuner because of its performance.

1. Prado’s off road stability is a plus for owners.

2. Its overall speed is improved because of its stability.

3. This SUV is a full-time 4X4 unlike the Fortuner. Its towing performance is more than satisfactory with 3000 kg. of power.

4. It has a separate chasis with independent coil spring suspension.

The Toyota Fortuner

The new Fortuner has the same 2.8 liter diesel engine but not the same balance shaft to reduce noise caused by vibration.

1. The Fortuner’s level of comfort may be absent when driving on back roads because it is a part-time 4 X 4, meaning you may get a somewhat bumpy ride if you enjoy spending time driving in the country.

2. This SUV is smaller and lighter than the new Proda, although it does give the impression that it’s a sportier vehicle.

3. It has the separate chasis, the same engine, and the same independent coil spring suspension as the Prado.

4. With 2800 kg. of towing power, the new Toyota Fortuner can hold it’s own on the highway.

A Look Inside the Cabin of the Prado

The benefits of comfort inside the cabin of the new Prado include smartphone controls on the steering wheel and dual zone climate controls, but heated and cooled seats are a valuable upgrade, especially in cold weather climates.

. A rear back-up camera and smart key entry are both safety features included in the Toyota Prado.

. Cruise control makes for ease of driving on busy highways.

. Inside the cabin, the driver’s seat sits higher than the Fortuner, allowing for better visibility.

. The Prado’s automatic high beam headlights and lane departure warnings are a valuable option for those who want to upgrade.

Inside the Cabin of the Fortuner

The new Toyota Fortuner seems sportier because of its size, although it seats up to 7 people. The third row seat can be folded up against the side window in order to make room for more cargo.

. The Fortuner comes equipped with an Apple Car Play and JBL sound system speakers. It has an 8″ touch screen and Android smart phone controls.

. Automatic cooled and heated seats are a comfortable feature of this SUV.

. The Fortuner GX has standard third row seats to carry up to 7 passengers.

. It has a tilt steering wheel that gives the driver more than enough leg room.

Whether you are driving on country roads or on the highway, both the 2021 Toyota Prado and the Toyota Fortuner will give you a safe and comfortable ride. Their towing power is strong enough to pull from 2800 to 3000 kg. of weight. Their strong coil spring suspension allows for stability, and safety features such as 17 inch alloy wheels and full size spare tire, automatic cruise control, rear back up cameras and upgrades to LED fog lights and running lights are what make them attractive to their owners.

Upgrades increase the price of any vehicle, but they are important for comfort and durability. The Toyota Prado is a Land Cruiser that runs between $53,000 and $56,000., and the third row seat option for the Prado runs around $2500.00. The Fortuner entry level SUV’s price is in the high $40,000 range, while their GXL price is in the mid $50’s.  

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