Which Carburetor Ideal for 350 Chevy

Which Carburetor Ideal for 350 Chevy

You may find people saying “the bigger the better” while talking about the size of the carburetor. However, the size of your carburetor might depend on the repetitions you are looking for. Otherwise, if your carb is too big in proportionate to your engine, it might be a deterrent to the performance of your engine overall.  

If you want about 5500-6000 rpm, you might need to use a 600-cfm carburetor. However, if you want a higher rate of about 6500 RPMs, you will need a 650-700 cfm carburetor.

As for performance, you will get a decent performance from a 600 cfm carburetor, but it is a good idea to get a carburetor of 700-750 cfm if you want to cover a multitude of functions.

In case if you are looking for some suggestions about the models and brand of a carburetor, here is a list we have compiled for you to choose from.

Edelbrock 1406 performer

We consider it to be the best suit for chevy 350. This can provide a top-notch performance even for daily use. It gives you better acceleration and a smooth hold on drivability. Besides, you get a balanced ratio of air and fuel to ensure efficient fuel performance.

As of its top features, you get-

1.      Primary venturi booster

2.      Timed and full vacuum ports

3.      98 inches primary jet

4.      Single feed fuel inlet

5.      Electric choke


1.      Fuel and money efficiency

2.      Warms up quicker than the manual carburetors because of the electric choke

3.      There is a metering rod that prevents backfiring


1.      A little difficult to install.

Rochester 2gc

Considered to be the best carburetor for chevy 350 for its affordability, this carburetor by Rochester is also a great fit for your chevy engine. This is a sturdy carburetor, made with heavy-duty metal. Hence gives you more horsepower and mileage. Besides, the strong built makes this quite durable too. A bonus you get with this carburetor is that you do not need to refuel this one again and again. That is why it is quite convenient for you.

You get a gasket with this, which honestly not everyone prefers as it makes your carb look cheap. But if you want to, you can replace this with a stronger gasket.

All in all, we give it our stamp of approval for its great built-in affordable price.


1.      Large base

2.      Comes in a gasket and seal

3.      Constructed with heavy-duty metal


1.      Fuel-efficient

2.      Easy to install

3.      No need for any additional adjustments


1.      The gasket might be a little faulty, you may find some leaks

Holley 0-1850s

Similar to the previous one, this too ensures you the value of your money. The carburetor has a dichromatic finish that not only gives it a shiny, polished look but also, acts as a prevention for any sort of corrosion.

Its metal build makes it last for a long time. Besides, it has some added advanced features that ensure a trouble-free operation.

Apart from this, the only possible demerit of this carburetor is that it has a manual choke. Which can be helpful to maintain the temperature, however, this might not be user-friendly to all.

Nonetheless, this carburetor is recommended because of its all-around performance and ease of adjustments. You barely need to do any additional work for this.


1.      Shiny duo chromatic finish

2.      Metal build

3.      Bolt-on performance

4.      Central-hung float

5.      Manual choke


1.      Replaceable jets

2.      Idles smoothly

3.      Excellent performance almost instantaneously

4.      Low repetitions per minute


Manual choke Finally, we suggest you think about your budget and the anticipated performance of your carburetor.  If you have a clear idea or expectation on what you want from your carburetor, it definitely is going to benefit you while deciding on the carb you buy. If possible, consult with an expert if you are lost and cannot figure out what would be the best for your engine.