Which Binary Trading App Is Best?

Mobile disruption has infiltrated almost all industries, including online trade investments. The realm of binary options trading has been made especially convenient thanks to the top apps by the best brokerage firms in the business.

You can see here how these software programs have changed the game for today’s participants. Today, we’ll give a rundown of the best mobile apps for binary options trading. We’ll also tackle the main benefits of trading on mobile as opposed to a personal computer.

Best Phone Applications for Binary Options Trading

Mobile trading with binary options doesn’t get any better than with the following apps:


ExpertOption offers an overall solid trading platform with a user-friendly interface, various features, and a low minimum initial deposit and trade amount. Listed among its main assets are cryptocurrency, forex, commodities, and stocks.

Moreover, it provides a demo account with money to help you develop techniques and strategies for careful trading. Lastly, the app can earn you maximum profits of up to 95 percent of the initial deposit.

IQ Option

A close second in terms of overall reliability is IQ Option. It has a minimum trade and deposit of one dollar and 10 dollars, respectively. With over 200 assets in store for the basic trader, including stocks, commodities, ETFs, and currency pairs, few apps come close to it in terms of trading options. On top of all these is a huge payout that is up to nearly double that of the initial deposit.

Pocket Option

Pocket Option caters to traders from all over the world, including Europe and the USA. Offering a maximum profit of up to 96 percent, this truly is the app for an excellent payout.

While its asking deposit is slightly higher at 50 dollars, it makes up for this in the form of a one-dollar minimum trade and a complete range of assets to choose from. It has high compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows formats, so it’s bound to suit your phone’s operating system well.


At the top of the list in terms of user-friendliness and simplicity, RaceOption is definitely one for beginner traders to consider. A 250-dollar initial deposit means you need to prepare for it financially. Even so, the bonus offerings and high payout percentage should more compensate for that.

The fact that RaceOption allows you to trade CFDs, indices, stocks, and commodities should also prove a balm on that bank-breaking deposit.


Binomo isn’t as diverse as the others in terms of asset provision. However, its limited options are unique. It also offers a thousand dollars in virtual funds to help you get the hang of the craft, which is arguably a more-than-fair exchange.

The platform is easy to use and navigate. Plus, it has the lowest minimum deposit and trade requirements for mobile apps at one and 10 dollars. Lastly, it provides a demo account to help with careful strategic use moving forward.

Why Use Mobile Trading Apps?

If it’s on mobile, that means you have time for it. In the case of mobile binary trading options, you have time to make money. Then again, that isn’t the only benefit, as the following perks prove:

Trade Anytime, Anywhere

Personal computers have been game-changers for a lot of us, but they still can’t beat mobile phones in terms of convenience. This is especially true for online trading, as phones allow you to access your account anytime and from anywhere.

Using a PC, you normally wouldn’t be able to trade on your lunch break. With a phone, however, you can trade during lunch breaks and other in-between times.

Faster and Easier Market Access

What’s great about the mobile app experience is that it can be customized to meet your specific needs. All you have to do is rely on the world of widgets, which provides users with all kinds of market information.

As a result, you get immediate access to trade-influencing information without necessarily using the app. Imagine how much this could alter your luck.

Notifications and Alerts

Push alerts and notifications let you be on top of everything. As you can imagine, it can be extremely important in online trading, where literally anything can happen.

These features operate based on your past actions on the app, so they’re specifically attuned to your routines. The app will know if you want to be notified about or alerted to discounts, one-time offerings, risk warnings, and other updates.

Mobile apps let you pay conveniently close attention to the market, which is where price speculation is based on. They also keep you up to date on industry events, which have a bearing on the trade result as well.

What Is the Best App for Beginners?

Most of the apps mentioned should work well for beginners. However, we recommend going for the one with a low minimum deposit and trade amount, a high payout percentage, and a diverse asset list. Based on the above list, IQ Option wins by a close margin over ExpertOption. That said, the reliability of the latter is unrivaled, so it should prove an excellent first choice, too