Where to Find the Best Emergency Kits in Your Area

You can find great emergency kits at online stores, nearby local stores, or you could make one at home by purchasing all the necessary items. It’s a brilliant idea to create or purchase an emergency kit for your house or vehicle if you expect to use it to withstand a storm, a pandemic, floods, forest fires, or earthquakes.

At the start of 2020, the Coronavirus put the public on alert, and since then, we’ve had wildfires, severe cold temperatures, power failures, floods, and civil disorder.

Having a Stealth Angel emergency kit, you will have the following essential supplies during an emergency:

1. Enough Water for Three Days

You’ll need a strong water bottle that holds ample water, is unbreakable, easily cleaned, and lasts a long time. You can also use portable water filters.

2. Enough Food for Three Days

You can have a variety of non-perishable and high-protein foods, such as nutritious canned foods that don’t need cooking. You might also require powdered milk, along with shelf-stable items like dry-roasted edamame, dried fruit, and energy bars.

3. Waterproof Ziploc Bag with Important Documents and Cash

You will need:

  • Paper map of your area
  • Passports
  • Bank account records
  • Insurance policies
  • List of handwritten contact numbers and addresses of family and friends
  • Medicine prescriptions
  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit cards

4. First-Aid Box

Your emergency kit is incomplete without a good first-aid kit that contains bandages, ice packs, and pain relievers. You’ll be prepared for any wound, burn, and perhaps other minor injuries.

5. Other Health and Personal Care Supplies

You’ll need N-95 masks, disinfectant tissues, personal care products, bleach, trash bag, and toilet rolls.

6. Multi-Use Tool

Anything from scissors or a can opener to nail clippers and screwdrivers is included in a good multi-use tool.

7. Duct Tape

Start stocking up on Duct Tape since a pack of waterproof adhesive material is suitable for easy repairs and modifications.

8. Radio

Radio is the perfect thing to get timely alerts during an emergency, particularly a weather-related crisis.

9. Headlamp

A Headlamp can last for 12 hours on AAA batteries in the event of a power failure, and its convenient dimmer switch allows you to look up from a distance without disturbing your companions.

10. Reusable Phone Charger

It is essential thing to have a solar panel charger that could charge your phone several times.

11. Waterproof and Lightweight Blankets

A full-size sleeping bag is difficult to carry, so look for a warm emergency blanket instead as it won’t rip up easily.

12. Firestarter

In the case of power failures, you’ll need a heating source, and a Firestarter will last 20,000 hits.

13. Whistle

A whistle will help you to alert an emergency rescue team to your spot in unsafe situations if you lose mobile coverage or battery power.

14. Pet Supplies

Don’t leave your furry companions behind. Pack at least three days of dried food, all medications, collapsible disposable bowls, and toilet essentials.

15. Clothes

You will need extra clothes that could work in all weather for yourself and your family.


Let’s face it, with such a pandemic we are going through, having an emergency kit doesn’t sound like such a terrible idea. An emergency survival kit could save your life or help you save a life, whether you’re hiking, heading on a cross-country trip, or living in an environment vulnerable to natural disasters.