When Is Your Car Considered Junk?

When Is Your Car Considered Junk?

Do you think you may be driving a junk car?

Just because your car is old or feels like junk, that doesn’t mean that it is. Fortunately, there’s a pretty straightforward way to tell whether or not your ride is no longer road-worthy.

Here’s how to determine whether or not your car is junk.

What Is a Junk Car?

While “junk car” may not seem like a technical term, it has a legal meaning. In the US, the definition of a junk car is any vehicle that is no longer capable of safely riding on any public roads, streets, or highways. Under this definition, just because a car is considered “junk,” that doesn’t mean it needs to be “junked.”

If you are willing and able, you can fix up a junk car and get it back out on the road, at which point it will no longer be “junk.” However, once a vehicle reaches the point where people consider it junk, there’s a good chance that its remaining value only lies in its salvageable scrap and nothing else.

When Should You Ditch a Junk Car?

Differentiating between a proper junk car and a salvageable one comes down to a matter of cost. Just like a totaled vehicle, if the cost of repairing your ride to the point where it is road-safe outweighs the price of a new car, that’s generally a sign that it’s time to pack it in and say goodbye to your old set of wheels.

The age of your car also plays a significant role in deciding whether or not it’s time to retire your ride. While classic cars are one thing, old cars generally weren’t built to keep up with modern road standards. And, even if your vehicle were in tip-top condition, it could still be unsafe because it is simply unable to keep up to speed with newer models.

While nostalgia can make getting rid of an old car a surprisingly challenging experience, safety should always be your primary concern.

How to Deal with a Junk Car

If you decide your junk car is past saving and need to get rid of it, you have a few options at your disposal.

While it may seem like a long shot, there’s a good chance your old vehicle is still worth a fair amount of cash even if it no longer runs simply due to its parts. If you have a few tools on hand and know a thing or two about cars, you can try scrapping your ride yourself. But, if taking your car apart piece by piece and selling the parts sounds a bit too time-consuming, you can always sell your car to someone like this salvage company.

If you want to get rid of your junk car and don’t care about getting any money for it, you can also try donating it to a charity.

Time to Upgrade Your Ride?

Now that you know how to figure out whether your vehicle is a junk car, it’s time to decide whether or not it’s time to ditch it for a new set of wheels.

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