Do you also own a business?

Are you also tired of running paid ads on Facebook and Google?

If yes, then maybe it’s your time to explore more options like WhatsApp. WhatsApp is arguably one of the fastest-growing communication platforms in the world.

With approximately over 2 billion users, WhatsApp potentially opens new doors for entrepreneurs like you to run businesses online.

Specifically in India, an uptrend of fast messaging culture has replaced the traditional SMS with WhatsApp pings!

Don’t know where to begin?

Don’t stress, because we’ve got you covered!

In this blog, we’ll discuss ways to get started with WhatsApp for your business.

  1. Demo your product- It doesn’t matter whether you make your products or sell them as a retailer.

    You can demo your products using WhatsApp status story. All you need to do is present your product to potential customers by demonstrating the core features and benefits.

    Remember that even if the customer isn’t interested in purchasing the product now, they can refer it to someone else in their group.
  • Internal Communication- Many employees are reluctant to learn new things via complex communication patterns.

    Using WhatsApp is a fun and quick way to get assured acknowledgment from the employees as they’re already hooked to the application. ~ says Team of SEO Freelancer

    Moreover, the user-friendly interface of WhatsApp skips the requirement of training people with new complicated applications.
  • Real-time customer service- Let’s confront it that providing customer service is a dream come true for small businesses and start-ups with little investment.

    Sending WhatsApp bulk SMS is not desirable as people hate spamming.

    Instead, you can answer the questions and queries of your customers with short and quick replies, media texts, audio and videos.

    Doing this would help in providing a seamless customer experience.
  • Customer Support- Customer support service is a crucial aspect for bringing in repeated sales.

    You can create multiple video presentations, tutorials, live help and provide proper guidance.

    In short, WhatsApp can prove to be a reliable source where your customers can contact you in situations demanding solutions.
  • Marketing and Promotion- Marketing entails myriads of functions such as gathering customer information, increasing brand reach and generating sales.
    With the popularity of WhatsApp in the business arena carrying out marketing tasks has become a cinch.
    The marketing department can run promotional drives using instant photos, location and status features of WhatsApp to attract traffic.

    Also, it gives a more relaxed vibe than the traditional method of email marketing.
  • Recruitment- Yes, you heard it right Recruitment! Businesses needn’t rely on various job recruitment platforms now with uncomfortable messaging/communication systems.
    They can easily hire fresh blood on WhatsApp.
    With features such as QR code scanning, Click-to-WhatsApp, and message templates, recruiters can reach a billion candidates in the loop more discreetly and silently.
  • Feedback- Feedbacks are effective in analyzing the customer satisfaction your brand provides.

    Instead of personally calling people for feedback, you can craft questionnaires to assess the satisfaction rate of your clientele.
    Sharing text questionnaires via WhatsApp is an effective way of building customer loyalty, engagement, and customer retention.


WhatsApp as a communication tool continues to evolve with its regular upgrades. It may not come as a surprise if it adds more business features shortly. But as for now, you can use these basic yet creative ways to skyrocket your online business performance.

Happy Businessing!

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