What to Watch Out for When You Wear a Women’s Hat with a Wide Brim?

Whether you are a fashion-conscious or carefree person, a hat can effortlessly define your appearance for the day while complementing your individuality. Although these outfit accessories come in different shapes and forms, you can find the option of wide brims pretty intriguing. After all, these hats protect you from the elements and serve your look most elegantly. For example, if you have to stay in the sun on a specific day, you can trust your wide-brimmed hat as a reliable companion. It will take care of your style and sun protection, too, proving its worth both as a practical and fashionable addition. However, there are a few things you would want to keep in mind with this for the best impact. Here is a quick glimpse into them.

Facial features

A wide brim hat can adorn any face cut. So it is an excellent thing for everyone, including the maiden users. If you are also a first-timer, you can take a sigh of relief that creating an on-point hat look doesn’t have to be laborious. They can flatter your facial highlights hassle-free. However, experts recommend avoiding a wide brim on a small face as it can look extremely overpowering.

Matching styles

When you opt for a wider brim, you have to pay attention to your attire. The style should pull together your entire dressing effort. For example, floppy designs pair well with casuals. However, you can rely on fedoras to give you a polished vibe. To be precise, make sure to find a balance between your hat and outfit. It will help you save your time on deciding options as well.

Hat look

Wide brim hats tend to have a commanding presence. Hence, the style of wearing can have an enormous effect on your overall presentation. Usually, one should allow this hat to sit across their forehead. Please don’t push it back on your head, as it will either cause your headwear to fall or appear like a bonnet. Simultaneously, your hair can also be an essential consideration. Wide brims on shorter hair can be a little commanding. Keep your hair out to balance the style. You don’t have to worry about anything with long hair, whether you choose a fedora or a floppy hat. Some women prefer keeping their hair tied. In that case, messy buns or low braids can be the perfect pick.


Combining wide brim hats with sunglasses may not be a good idea. It can create a lopsided impact. So drop this thought if you can afford it. However, felt fedoras that don’t boast too wide brims can carry the sunglass look well. It can make you feel like a celebrity. 

These are some basic suggestions about styling a wide-brimmed hat look. Generally, you don’t need to do much with hats. Any simple choice can also be powerful. You can reserve embellished or feathered hats for special occasions. On regular days, you can rely on a humble but well-curated piece to elevate your charming, funny, sophisticated, or sassy personality. It can be fun to tap into every side of your existence through this fashion accessory.