What to Do About Missing Mail

Picture this: You’re receiving calls from the utility company even though you’re certain you mailed them this month’s payment. A crucial medication you mail-ordered hasn’t arrived yet. Your great aunt is horribly angry with you for never thanking her for a present that you never received, but she supposedly sent.

All of these situations leave but one frustrating question in your mind: Where is my mail?

Missing mail is no joke. In times where shipping delays run rampant, one missing piece of mail can lead to a great deal of hassle. While this circumstance is frustrating, it’s not insurmountable. Here’s what you can do to find your missing mail:

Double Check Your Information

One of the biggest causes of missing mail is incorrect information entered in one of the fields. If you’ve been waiting on a response for far longer than you should, make sure the address that you or the sender entered was the correct one. This holds doubly true if you’ve moved within the past six months.

Check the Current Status Online

Did you know that most mailers and packages these days come with a tracking number? This tracking number is designed to make it easier to figure out where your mail is located. You can use this number to check the status of your mail online and see if it’s actually arrived at your destination or not.

Different pieces of mail will have different expected delivery timeframes according to the USPS. If you’re placing an order near a major holiday, you can expect a certain amount of shipping delays to occur.

Conduct a Missing Mail Search Request

If you can’t find the status online or don’t have a tracking number, another option is to conduct a missing mail search request. While you can’t have insurance on undelivered certified mail, you can reach out to a USPS customer service agent and speak with them regarding your missing mail. This works best if you have a label ID number, but failing that, you may submit a request for USPS to search their Mail Recovery Centers for your lost postage.

Reach Out to the Sender

Lastly, if your mail includes an online package delivery or a periodical, it might be best to reach out to the original sender. Many online stores have methods in place to handle packages that never got delivered. It’s also possible that the periodical or magazine’s databases recently updated, and your information got lost or altered in the shuffle.

By reaching out to the mail’s sender and ensuring that they have the right information or sent the package out at all, you can better understand why you’re missing mail.

Let’s Review How to Find Your Missing Mail

If you’ve discovered that you’re missing mail, there are several options available to you. You can search online with a tracking order, reach out to the USPS, or contact the original sender to verify the status of your mail. Once you do that, they can get to work on re-sending it to you.

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