What to consider when outsourcing game design and development

One viable solution to buildingа an effective game development studio is to go with an IT outsourcing company. They have experienced game developers and experience using the latest GameDev technology to create robust and modern games.

In this article, we will explain what things to consider when outsourcing game design and development and how to find the best GameDev outsourcing company.

The activity of the outsourcing company 

IT companies that are active in the market have extensive experience and a large audience. These factors are difficult to check with Google because it only offers its users the best SEO results, not the best IT companies.

Therefore, if you want an in-depth overview of IT companies, you need to turn to some specialized data-driven platforms such as Clutch, GoodFirms, and others. These platforms contain accurate information about IT companies, ranking them by rating, country, number of employees, etc., etc., AND provide reviews from real customers. They are also responsible for the data they provide about IT companies and carefully monitor each published review to make sure it is accurate and unbiased.

Outsourcing company and customer interaction models

Most IT companies offer different interaction models to their customers. This means that customers can choose the best option to create their games. The most common engagement models include:

the fixed-price model – where the team works within an approved budget with stable and clear project requirements, goals, and deadlines;

Time and Material model – assumes more flexibility in the project with frequently changing requirements. This model is best suited for those companies who want to quickly release a minimum viable product (MVP) of their game and improve it with each development iteration;

A dedicated team is the most flexible solution, where the business gets a team of carefully selected developers actively involved in the game development project. With a dedicated team, IT customers can monitor the development of the project and suggest improvements or change something about it, while the internal work will be done by the team.

Reliability of the outsourcing company 

The reliability of an IT company is one of the most important qualities to ensure that a project develops smoothly and has a successful outcome. To make sure that you are dealing with a reliable GameDev partner, you need to do a little research on the company and take the following steps.

Evaluate the company’s portfolio

Every IT company has a number of development cases that they can be proud of. You can find these cases on the company’s website and familiarize yourself with its features, technology, and the technology stack used to create the solution.

Ask for references and check previous reviews

When making your first contact with potential game art outsourcing company GameDev partners, ask them for references from previous customers. Experienced clients can reveal some of the specifics of working with the company and explain how to establish an effective collaboration with the development team.

Check out what kind of specialists the company has

If you can’t visit the company’s office, there is always an opportunity to conduct an online interview with the development team. Find out what kind of specialists the company can offer to develop an effective game and what technologies they can use to improve the development process and product.