What technological innovations have made globalization possible?

Thousands of years before high technology was once only devoted to one social status of the society. But with the help of the Globalisation, every person around the world can enjoy the advancement of the technology. On the other hand, technology has speedup the globalization rapidly.

Globalization is the process of interactions between people and societies around the world for respective various purposes using different kinds of media. So these methods had reduced the cost of transportation by speedup communication. 

Therefore we can’t deny the fact of the advancement of technologies affects globalization. Let’s see how has technology helped globalization.

What technologies have made globalization possible?

Globalization helps to spread knowledge and Technology around all. Hence it gives chance to access many raw and processed data ignoring the distances. Not only that this had overcome the communication barriers like language differences easily.

1. Computer

No matter what technology we are going to talk about after this computer involves in all of them. The invention of the computer and the rapid development of its technology had changed many aspects of human society. It had replaced almost every incident in man’s life and Transportation, communication, Education, Economy, and Health can take as examples. So there is no difference in globalization.

2. Satellite

Space technology is one of the prominent development of human technological innovations. The satellite technology helped only with the communication early days have many advantages these days. Starting from satellites Tv s to weather forecasts and satellite maps, this technology connects the world. Apart from that power of this technology has become one vital point for the political and economical development of a country.

3. Internet

The Internet is the most amazing invention after the computer. This major information source connects every corner of the world making a unified world day by day. This provides easy access to knowledge and helps to share new technologies across continents.

 It has expanded the global knowledge store and revolutionized the communication process. Also, it opened a new dimension for the global business world with e-business. From electronic transactions to blockchain systems with cryptocurrency it took a massive shift over the years.

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4. Smartphones

The development of smartphones surpassed almost all the innovations in the world. In other words, it’s the world on your palm. It has replaced many time-consuming activities that needed manpower. Therefore, Education, Financial Services, Banking, and many other areas are now at your fingertips. However, due to these unlimited abilities smartphones have become one prominent innovation affecting globalization.

5. Video conference apps

The world’s economy is now dependent on steady communication today. The global economy is interconnected and a fast and trustworthy system is needed. So the video calling method was invented as one of the trustworthy methods. However, developing it into a video conference method has turned upside down in many areas like politics and the economy.

Still, there are many unmentioned technologies behind the possibility of the advancement of globalization. Hence, the relationship between globalization and technology is inseparable. So technology can call the speedup fuel to globalization.