What Solutions When You Want to Indulge Your Passion for Video Games on the Go?

The Android PlayStore is full of many free games to satisfy many player profiles. From small, sometimes very short games like Crossy Road to long-term narrative stories like Hey love Adam, or classic racing games, like Horizon Chase: World Tour. If you have the cash to spend, you can also play online casino games, which are popular with players worldwide. The best online casino in the USA can be found on your mobile store. You can also immerse yourself in the excellent storytelling game Lifeline, the puzzle game Monument Valley or the exciting Out There. If you own an iPhone and are on the go, we invite you to look at Apple Arcade, which offers a beautiful catalogue of exclusives for a subscription at a low price.

Download the GeForce Now app

If you are more of a home computer video gamer, the app store catalogue may not be right for you, and you want to play more ambitious games. The GeForce Now application will allow you to satisfy this desire by allowing you in cloud gaming games from your Steam and Epic Games libraries. Once your Nvidia account is created, the app can scan your Steam library for compatible games and add them to your GeForce, now a library. For Epic Games, it will still be necessary to enter the games one by one if they are compatible. On the money side, you will, of course, have to have previously purchased your computer games. Epic also regularly offers great games on its platform, be sure to check them out regularly. Then Nvidia offers several offers, including a free one allowing sessions of up to one hour of play after waiting in line. If you travel very little, this will certainly be sufficient. However, if you are often on the move or want to play sessions for more than an hour, Nvidia offers a suitable paid offer.

Xbox Game Pass Offers Ultimate

If you’re more of a heavy home console gamer, there’s a good chance you’ll find an Xbox in your living room, along with a Game Pass membership to go with it. If so, the Xbox Game Pass app now offers Ultimate subscribers the X-cloud service to stream a catalogue of 100 games in cloud gaming. The service seems quite efficient on some games like Hotshot Racing. However, the app will force you to connect a controller to your phone to play. You will therefore need to bring your Xbox controller (or another compatible model) to play on the go. Consider this if you have only one controller at home and you’re not the only one in the family using the console.

Stadia, the Offer from Google

Google’s offering has several advantages. The first option includes a subscription to Stadia Pro. You thus benefit from free games each month. If you unsubscribe, you lose access to those games, and you must then re-subscribe and re-enable access to the games. So, on the move, it is possible to have a large catalogue available. As a second option, which is great if you play relatively little, you can play for free on the Stadia service, but you will have to pay for your games (the high price). The offer is attractive if you are only interested in one game or only play on very occasional trips, for example. You keep access to this game forever and can play it without limit, without having to pay anything afterwards. In any case, whether you are a Pro subscriber or not, you must launch the Stadia application (which you also use to buy your games on the store) then launch the game, which will start in cloud gaming on your phone and will be playable either with touch (virtual controller), or with the Stadia controller (which works in Wi-Fi), or with any compatible controller (Xbox One, PS4, 8 bit-do).