What Should You Look for When Buying Your First Handpan?

What Should You Look for When Buying Your First Handpan

Ever thought about buying a handpan? This unique and captivating instrument has captured the hearts of many music lovers. Its soothing, melodic sounds are mesmerizing. But how do you choose the right one? Let’s explore what you need to look for when buying your first handpan. Finding the right handpan shop is crucial for a good purchase. Let’s dive into the essential details and help you make the best choice.

Understanding the Basics of a Handpan

A handpan is a steel drum that produces beautiful melodic sounds. It’s played with the hands and fingers. Each handpan has a series of notes tuned to specific pitches. When struck, these notes produce a harmonic, relaxing sound. The instrument is made of two metal shells. These shells are carefully joined together to create a resonating chamber. Its unique design contributes to its distinctive sound.

Deciding on the Budget

Handpans can be quite expensive. Prices vary depending on the maker and quality. Decide on your budget before you start looking. A good handpan can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. It’s important to know how much you are willing to spend. Higher prices usually mean better quality and sound. Budgeting helps you focus on finding the best handpan within your range.

Choosing the Right Scale

Handpans come in various scales. Each scale produces a different set of notes. Think about the type of music you want to play. Some scales are more suited for meditative, relaxing music. Others are better for upbeat, rhythmic tunes. Listen to different scales and see which one resonates with you. The scale determines the mood and feel of the music. Selecting the right scale enhances your playing experience.

Checking the Build Quality

Quality is crucial when buying a handpan. Look for well-made instruments with smooth finishes. The metal should be smooth and well-finished. Check for any dents or imperfections. The tuning should be precise. Each note should produce a clear, resonant sound. Poor quality handpans can have dull or buzzing notes. A well-built handpan will last longer and sound better. High quality ensures better performance.

Considering the Maker’s Reputation

Research the maker of the handpan. Reputable makers produce high-quality instruments. Look for reviews and testimonials from other buyers. A good maker will have a history of satisfied customers. They should also offer some guarantee or warranty. Trustworthy makers are transparent about their materials and process. Knowing the maker’s reputation helps you trust your purchase.

Trying Before Buying

If possible, try the handpan before you buy it. Play different notes and see how they sound. Check if the instrument feels comfortable to play. The notes should be easy to reach. Trying the handpan helps you understand its sound and feel. It ensures that you are happy with your choice. Hands-on experience is invaluable in making the right decision.

Considering the Weight and Size

Handpans come in different sizes and weights. Consider where and how you will use it. If you plan to travel with it, a lighter handpan is better. Larger handpans may produce deeper, richer sounds. But they can be harder to carry around. Choose a size and weight that suits your needs and lifestyle. Comfort and portability are important factors.

Looking for Additional Features

Some handpans come with additional features. These can include cases, stands, or mallets. A protective case is important to keep the instrument safe. Stands can make playing more comfortable. Mallets can produce different sounds. Consider these extras when making your decision. They can add value to your purchase. Additional features enhance your playing experience.

Checking for After-Sales Support

Good after-sales support is important. The maker should offer tuning and maintenance services. Handpans need regular tuning to keep their sound. Check if the maker provides this service. Good support ensures that your handpan stays in top condition. It also gives you peace of mind. Reliable after-sales support adds to the instrument’s longevity.


Buying your first handpan is an exciting and rewarding journey. Understanding the basics, deciding on your budget, and choosing the right scale are key steps. Check the build quality and consider the maker’s reputation. Try the handpan before buying and consider its weight and size. Look for additional features and ensure good after-sales support. This guide helps you make an informed decision. Finding the right handpan will bring joy and musical inspiration. Enjoy the process and happy playing!

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