What requirements do you need to complete to qualify for an L1 visa?

International businesses worldwide succeed by ensuring that they have the same practices at every branch. As much as possible, they would like to resonate the same company ambiance with the other to provide quality services and accurate results. 

In that sense, companies send over essential employees from one branch to another. And since every government understands that this can help boost each other’s economy, L1 visas came into existence. This is to help employees travel legally across borders and overseas in the United States of America. 

According to Ashoori Law, an L1 visa is granted to those employees that will carry over operation on the USA site. And for them to be given this visa, there are some requirements that they need to complete. 

This section will provide information about all the requirements that an L1 visa applicant needs to complete to qualify for the visa. 

L1 Visa Requirements

Here are the requirements for you to qualify for an L1 visa.

USA Company

Since an L1 visa is granted to employees that will take part in the operation of a parent, subsidiary, or branch company in the United States of America, this will be the first requirement. The immigration officer will ask for the company and a little background to check if the company exists and acknowledge in the USA. 

There are limited companies or fields of practice accepted under this type of visa. The business should be called and acknowledged as a global company. Here are the list of business and areas of industries taken under the L1 permit: 

  • Computer Programming Services
  • Electronic Shopping
  • Computer Systems Design Services
  • Radio and Television
  • Footwear
  • And many more

Your company does not have to be precisely the same as those mentioned earlier. They can be related but not exactly alike. If it is not listed above, they can partner with the immigration lawyer to know if it can qualify for an L1 visa. 

Also, it does not have to have an office in the USA yet. The L1 applicant can be the person in charge of setting up the office in the USA. This will fall under the L1 New Office Petition. 

Enough physical space for office 

Of course, the office should hold transactions and other related processes. That is the reason why it needs enough space. The footwear manufacturing industry can be an excellent example. It should have a suitable office space, manufacturing, and area for receiving supplies. 

Period of Engagement of the company

It should be a minimum of one year of engagement with the USA and another country. This is to pass the qualification of being a global company. 

L1-A requirements

Overseas stay of the Employee

The Employee should have stayed overseas for one year within the three years before his application. 

Position of the Employee

Since this is L1-A, the Employee should hold a managerial or executive role. This is the position that has the authority to fire and hire employees that he sees fit for the company’s operations. 

Reason for L1- application

The main reason for the Employee applying for an L1-A type of visa should be to commence operation in the USA site of the company where he is employed. Other causes may result in disapproval of access granted. 

Intention to Depart

The applicant must have the intention to depart the United States of America. It is a requirement for all types of visas. 

L1-B requirements

The requirements for L1-B are almost the same for L1-A. The only difference is that he should be working in the USA with his specialized knowledge or skill. 

Documents required in L1 visa application

The following is the listing of items you have to prepare:

  • Passport (old and current one)
  • Updated passport size picture
  • Filled DS-160 form
  • Appointment letter for interview ( original and photocopy)
  • I-129 petition receipt (source and receipt number)
  • Demand draft of the visa issuance fee
  • Work experience letter coming from the previous employers
  • Training certificates undertaken
  • Resume
  • Six-month record of bank statements
  • US company information
  • Picture of the actual place of employment
  • Contact details from two colleagues of earlier employers


Now that you have the information about the requirements for an L1 visa, we know that it will be easy to prepare and collate your documents. In this sense, please seek help from your trusted immigration lawyer. 

We hope that this has helped you prepare for your L1 visa application. We wish you the best and if you have some experiences to share based on your application, go on. Let us create a helpful community of visa applicants.