What makes Tesla the need of the current world?


Tesla has been making cars for some time now, and they took their time measuring up to the level of success they are today. There are many cars available on the market today. However, only a few options can measure up to Tesla. 

This article will discuss everything there is to know about why Tesla continues to dominate the auto market today. So, what about them makes them so desirable for the current world? You are about to find out! 

So, without any further ado, let’s get going! 

What Does Tesla does better than other cars?

We know that Tesla is not devoted to making cars only. However, they are extremely good at making them. People have complained a lot about the build quality, and the company has gotten its fair share of bad reviews. But Elon Musk didn’t become the world’s richest person by annoying and ripping off half the planet. 

  1. A Tesla Has No Need for Gasoline: 

The biggest reason Tesla might excel in today’s world is its independency on gasoline to operate. The only reason behind Tesla’s existence is its aim to provide electric cars. 

Besides being expensive, gasoline power has always been an unhealthy fuel for the earth’s environment and has caused unsustainable damage. With good luck and skills, the company could dominate its competitors, trying to come up with a fuel-effective solution too. 

Teslas are purely operational from a renewable source, including solar, wind, or electricity. Since Tesla cars are purely on electricity and don’t operate on petroleum, there is no need for exhaust in the vehicle. And since there is no exhaust in the car, the car won’t generate the smoke harmful to the ozone layer and the surroundings. 

When talking about cost savings, there isn’t enough money to save. Owning a Tesla can have a lot of savings from the fuel alone. A car driven for 13 years on petroleum would cost about $52,000. However, if you go a Tesla for a similar amount of time and miles, it will run up to $3000 of electricity. Owning a Tesla gives you a considerable margin to save in today’s world, especially skimping the petrol stations! 

  1. Tesla Cars Offer Extreme Torque: 

Teslas are different from Gas in terms of saving money. When talking about electric cars, they are significantly different from the vehicles based on internal combustion. Electric cars use fewer moving parts, and their build-up is almost instantaneous. 

According to Car Throttle, cars operating on either petrol or diesel engines will start generating torque when they are on a curve, starting low and increasing with the RPM(revolutions per minute). However, electric cars don’t take a lot of time and instead energize the magnets that cause rotational power, and the vehicle has a higher torque. 

Tesla has spent many resources to base the research on the development of its batteries and motors used in its vehicles to ensure that they provide durable and efficient drivetrains. Furthermore, the engines included in Tesla vehicles are also considered strong. For example, if we talk about the Model S Plaid, this car had a torque output of more than 1000 pound-feet, whereas the base Model 3 produces comparatively less torque (302 pound-feet). However, make no mistake, as the Model 3 can go from 0-60mph in less than 6.1 seconds. 

Even though most of the cars built by Tesla are focused more on being a family cars, having a Tesla is your chance to have a fast car. 

  1. Teslas come with Innovative Tech: 

If you spend a little time on the internet finding out what people have to say about Tesla, you will find that a fair share of people describes Tesla more as a technology company than calling them a car company. And if you think about it, their opinions make a lot of sense. 

While Tesla vehicles leave a lot on the table to offer in terms of performance, Tesla also brings many features depending on the software and tech devices integrated into their cars, making its tech the driving force behind the Teslas. When you see what Tesla has to offer in terms of tech, don’t blame us if you are left impressed! One can also say that the tech of the Tesla cars keeps them relevant within the market and is a dominant reason for the company’s success in the auto market. 

You will be left amazed if you see the timeline of the company’s innovation in terms of tech. Tesla vehicles were one of the first to use the large touch screens to operate most of the car’s functions and changed how people interact with their vehicles. In terms of technology, Tesla also induced self-driving and introduced the idea of having a charging network throughout the country. 

Above, we said that Tesla spent a lot of resources developing its batteries, including the use of technology to make a battery so complex and highly advanced to provide cars with a vast range and make their vehicles viable for daily use of the people. 

  1. Tesla offers Direct Sales: 

If Tesla operates in your country, then whether you are looking to buy a Tesla in the UK, the US, or anywhere else in the world, you don’t have to rely on dealerships and can buy a Tesla directly! 

Suppose you are one of the many people that dread the experience of buying a car, specifically the part where you have to revolve around the dealerships; a Tesla may be the perfect choice for you. The way Tesla has set things excludes the need for the clever salespeople from the process of buying cars at all. 

A customer can directly purchase Tesla from the ownership. When you buy a new vehicle from Tesla, the new car will either be delivered to a delivery center or directly to your provided address. This way, the company gains complete control of the experience and removes the possibility of cruel car dealers trying to rip off their customers. 

  1. The company has a Wide Charging Network. 

Do you know that History is a great teacher? Tesla learned a lot from it. When the nineteenth century was close, there was a fleet of electric taxis in New York City. The electric company operating them had made stations throughout the city that allowed drivers to swap batteries. 

Similarly, Tesla knew that the range would always be a limitation with an electric car. To counter this problem, the company decided to make a network of electric chargers for their vehicles. You can find the Tesla superchargers for a car coast to coast. The locations of the chargers are also mapped out in the car’s guidance system, and you can almost plan a stop at any charging station since the chargers are located not too far from each other. 

A vast charging network ensures you can travel across the country without interruptions. Fifteen minutes of charging your car through a Tesla’s fast charger will give you about 200 miles of range, and the battery will fully charge in under an hour. Before, if someone bought a new Tesla, free use of the charger network was allotted to them as a perk. However, that feature is not available now but still costs significantly cheaper than using gasoline to power your car. 

  1. Does not require a lot of maintenance: 

If you have a car, there is no question that it would survive a long time without any need for maintenance. However, electric cars by Tesla are made differently. If you want your vehicle to give you the best performance, you must ensure that you maintain it. And mind you, care does not only means changing the oil and air filters. It can include various things such as clutch replacement or the timing belt. 

Since many moving parts are missing from the electric cars in an internal combustion engine, an electric vehicle would not need oil changes, filter replacement, belt, and most fluids. Let’s talk about regular maintenance in an electric car. You can get off as low as only visual inspection of the vehicle, mainly since the computer included in the car monitors the battery and the car automatically sends an alert if something needs maintenance. 

Electric cars included regen braking without literally excluding the need for ever replacing the brake pads. Now, the only thing left is the maintenance and replacement of the tires. Considering the official Tesla maintenance schedule, it only includes multiple checks and cabin filter replacement. 

In conclusion, you will save a lot of money in terms of maintenance, which is a good reason for buying a Tesla.

Final Words

Here are all the reasons why a Tesla car is a good fit for the current world and why you should consider buying one. 

Between carrying a great design, an excellent infotainment system, and outstanding performance, a Tesla car is also all electronic. Since it is electronic, you will not have to worry about the current rising prices in the world, which is a standalone issue when we talk about buying cars or a factor that affects the lifestyle of many wanting to afford a car. 

We hope you find a Tesla to be an excellent fit for you as a car and understand that currently, investing in one would be an intelligent choice!