What makes a granny flat a granny flat?

Nowadays, the popularity of accessory dwelling units is increasing day by day. These mini-houses are crafted in such a pattern that they can accommodate couples very comfortably. Usually, the stand-alone entity of 50-60 sqm, constructed on the land of the primary owner, encompasses a bedroom, a spacious living arena, kitchen, and a bathroom. A huge number of Australian families have converted their garage into secondary dwelling, as a source for their alternative income. 

How the term granny flat became popular? 

In Australia, the state government has distinct parameters, which the owners need to follow before the construction of the secondary unit. Though technically, these flats are termed as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), but these compact structures gained popularity as granny flats as there were primarily designed for aging parents. The additional setup is a self-sufficient single-family house, where the aged people can stay independently, despite being established within the same compound of the primary property.

Granny flats, which are either modified garage, a basement structure, or an independent structure, are also known as a granny pod, mother-in-law unit, backyard cottage, basement apartment, or in-law suite. Though the name differs, the original identity and purpose of such constructions remain the same. The major purpose to create Granny Flats Penrith is to give complete liberty to the adult members of the family to relish their life without disturbing the aged people, staying under the same roof.   

Flexible unit for the family

The government allows only one granny flat per property if the property adheres to the law of the state and does not obstruct the normal lifestyle of the neighbours. There is no stringent rule for the property to be used only for the elderly person. The owner has the freedom to rent it to get financial support or it can be used for the teenagers of the family. As the flat is a self-sustained unit, it can be used by kinsmen in the future. It can be an excellent investment to start a home-based business or office. It can also be turned into a guest house or studio apartment for a young couple and address the financial need. Unquestionably, a lot of purposes can be fulfilled by the granny flats if the owner has authorization from the local officials.

Another advantage of a granny flat is its concept. It has been seen that a lot of elderly parents have started staying with their children, comparatively. The idea has coined a close relationship between families. Grandparents are now getting the opportunity to enjoy a quality life with the grandchildren. It is a beauty to see families are getting closer and caring. It is also a way to take care of aged people with medical needs. 

You can reach out to the most affordable housing option and perk up your property value. You are good to go if you have a detailed plan from Granny Flats Builders Sydneyapproval from the local authority, and a well-prepared budget!