ASMR videos are a big obsession for many people, but not for all. Why do people tend to watch or listen to ASMR? For some, it relaxes and helps with anxiety issues. Some may even get better sleep after watching ASMR.

ASMR can trigger different sensations in different parts of the human body. Research has found that there could be a relationship between our personality type and our ASMR taste.

First, here are the 10 personality types that people consider in this test:

  1. Openness – You tend to explore new things for your mind and body.
  2. Conscientiousness – You stick to working hard on time and schedules.
  3. Extroversion – You are a sociable person and love dealing with people.
  4. Agreeableness – You always tend to agree or follow others.
  5. Neuroticism – You might tend to feel negativity like anger, grief, and quite a sensitivity.
  6. Machiavellianism – You tend to manipulate others. 
  7. Need for achievement (motivated) – You set high standards and work towards success.
  8. Need for cognition – You like learning and it satisfies your brain. 
  9. Authoritarianism – You are happy by strictly following social rules. 
  10. Narcissism – You have extreme self-love and may not have the same for others. 

Now we know what the 10 personality types mean. So, let’s see what your ASMR taste can tell about your personality type.

Watching ASMR/Visual ASMR

Do you enjoy watching ASMR that others cook, draw, paint, and open packaging? Do those sounds and visuals satisfy you? Then chances are higher that you have personality traits of Openness, Agreeableness, Machiavellianism, or Narcissism.

People of the above types have felt differently after watching ASMR videos. They have felt their anxiety levels reducing. True that some may not feel any tingling sensation. But ASMR can still help them to feel relaxed.

Touching-related ASMR (Tactile)

Enjoy watching ASMR when someone touches their hair or others’ hair? Or even someone applying makeup? Then you are probably under Neuroticism. Please be mindful that you might have a risk of low mental stability and depression. Research has revealed that you can avoid those risks by watching this type of ASMR you like. Sounds good right? Keep watching what you feel comfortable with!

People of Openness and Agreeableness can also slightly enjoy touching-related ASMR.

ASMR with Repetitive Sounds

Think whether you enjoy ASMR with repeated sounds like tapping or scratching. It could be videos with skin scratching or fabric scratching. People also tap the microphones with their fingers to create triggering sounds.

If you like them, your most related personality types are Openness and Neuroticism. You will be able to relax and manage stress by watching these.

People of Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness will also be able to enjoy this type of ASMR, but lesser than the above types.

ASMR with Simulations

This type of ASMR can have videos like dentist simulations and haircut simulations. However, researchers haven’t found a clear personality type associated with these yet.

We observed that most of the simulation ASMR viewers have stress and sleep problems. Watching a dentist simulation ASMR has been helpful for them to get better sleep.

Mouth Sounds ASMR

This has been one of the most loved ASMR types. Love watching food ASMR videos with chewing and slurping sounds? Or the whispering and other tingling sounds when people talk? Then again you might be a person of Openness or Neuroticism.

People of Extraversion, Agreeableness, or Conscientiousness will also enjoy mouth sounds ASMR slightly.

Final thoughts

Overall, introverted personalities are more likely to enjoy ASMR than extroverted ones. We would hardly say that ASMR has connections with people of Need for achievement (motivation), Need for cognition, and Authoritarianism. Many of those who dislike or hate ASMR videos belong to these personalities.

Also, the world still has very limited research related to these two subjects. So, the validity of the findings may change with the new findings.

Need to confirm your personality type with your ASMR taste?

Here’s a small test to find out ‘Which ASMR Sound Suits You?’

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