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Virtual Classroom 101: What It’s Like To Study at University of Phoenix

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and an increased focus on internet-based education, more students are turning to online education programs to progress through school. As a result, institutions like University of Phoenix continue to guide students through virtual classrooms and toward the degree program in their chosen field.

Originally founded in 1976, University of Phoenix offers an array of associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs as well as certificate programs. Higher learning through convenient online courses can make going back to school easier than ever for many.

Take Control of Your Schedule

Prioritizing convenient access to online coursework, the University of Phoenix provides students with multiple start dates so students can enter their degree program based on their readiness and availability.

Online education through the University of Phoenix can give students the opportunity to take control of their schedules, work on classwork when the time is right for them and maintain the core flexibility that our modern lives require. Founded on the idea that full-time workers still deserve a chance at higher education, the University endeavours to make coursework more accessible.

Students with a prior school history can also see if their work and life history may count toward their degree program. Undertake a Prior Learning Assessment at the University of Phoenix to see if it is possible for you to earn credit for your life experiences.

Education Primed for Busy Professionals

For the vast majority of adult learners, pursuing higher education often comes while juggling full-time employment, family responsibilities or both. Understanding that adult students have different needs than traditional students, University of Phoenix makes it easier than ever for busy professionals to pursue the education that they deserve.

Here are a few ways that the University can help make education accessible for busier students.

  • Student Resource Support – Students can contact University of Phoenix professionals to help with any questions and to locate appropriate resources 20 hours a day, five days each week.
  • Professional Faculty – The University is staffed by a team of seasoned, experienced instructors with an average of 26 years of experience.
  • Accredited Institution – University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (
  • Small Active Classes – Coursework on the University platform is designed to connect students and teachers for an enjoyable and interactive experience. Students work together in small, active classes as they progress through their coursework.
  • Focused Classes – Instead of overwhelming students with an entire slate of classes, students sign up for a single course at a time. Courses last between four and six weeks, giving students the chance to keep pace up without becoming overwhelmed.

To make higher learning more accessible, the team at University of Phoenix works with students with prior eligible college credits and relevant life experience. After an eligibility assessment, students could save as much as $11K as well as one year of time from their undergraduate degree experience.

Learn About University of Phoenix

In 1976, Dr. John Sperling started University of Phoenix to provide adults with more options to achieve higher learning. This educator and entrepreneur understood the economy on a deeper level and quickly recognized that it favored those with the advanced training and skills achieved at a university. After over 40 years, University of Phoenix continues to help guide students to graduation.

Armed with the understanding that adult learners require different resources than young learners, the University designs educational programs that shift learning from content-driven to context-driven education. Online students will receive 24/7 support through their online coursework thanks to a full staff of student resource professionals. Students looking for guidance on where to take their educational journey next can complete a Career Interest Assessment online that typically takes under 6 minutes.