What is web hosting and how does it work?

Let’s start with defining the terminology. A webhosting service is basically a type of site hosting service that enables organizations and individuals to make their online site available on the World Wide Web using a server, which is a computer, or an array of powerful computes, connected to the web and ‘serving’ the site 24x7x365. The basic idea is that the host’s server will be responsible for providing your site with an online space so that you can put up the information you have for sale online.

Different Types of Webhosting Services

There are various types of web hosting services and some are more suitable than others, for different needs, when in general, it’s highly recommended do avoid hosting providers which are a part of EIG companies, and are known for throttling benchmark and low quality customer support. You will need to take into consideration all these points while deciding which of these services is best for you. One of the popular Webhosting services offered is the shared webhosting where as many as one hundred or more sites share the same server. It is not uncommon to see websites that are part of this service available on the Internet.

A virtual webhosting is another type of webhosting service, which is mainly used for small companies who need to get their site hosted on a dedicated server. The only difference is that this kind of webhosting offers a “virtual” website with the space for the website being provided by another company. This web host is typically provided by the host’s reseller. And usually you are provided with a “virtual” website for free but you have to pay a monthly fee for the services.

Shared Hosting as a Basic Webhosting Products

Shared web hosting is the most affordable type of webhosting service that allows a business to create and host a website at a relatively low cost. With this kind of service, only a single hosting account is provided to the company. It does not mean that any and every website that is hosted by this host can also be shared. This hosting accounts can be allocated for certain websites. You will have the choice of either having your own- or third-party host.

Another type of webhosting service for small businesses is the reseller hosting. This kind of webhosting is not actually hosting the website of the company but instead, it acts as an intermediary between the host and the company. The reseller then hosts the company’s websites on his own account and pays the host on a monthly basis.

Getting Online Presence with Your Site

Some business owners are looking for shared webhosting for their company’s web pages because they feel that it’s cheaper than dedicated servers but with this kind of hosting you may not even be able to use a particular software or program on your site. Most of the times, hosting providers will also charge you a large amount for a web host account because this is considered an essential component of hosting because of how large your site is.

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