What Is The Best Place To Post Job Openings

Whether you are looking for a full-time employee or someone to take on part time work, where you post your listing can have a big effect on who applies to your company and why. Some websites will attract a younger applicant pool, while others may pull from an older and more experienced pool. Let’s take a look at some advice on listing your positions from top business leaders.


Eric Gist, CEO Awesome OS

Indeed remains a popular search spot for potential candidates. You may be nervous to open the door to random applicants, but posting a clear and well placed ad on Indeed will put your posting out to a larger pool of applicants. Many candidates use Indeed and Glassdoor as initial searches, and perfect fits have definitely been found there. 

Indeed Posts Certificates and Licenses

Shahzil Amin, Managing Partner at Karlani Capital & Founder of Emagineer Well Before

I find Indeed to be the employment site that delivers the most information on an applicant’s actual skill set. Through the multitude of validated assessments they offer and a long list of hard and soft skills, I feel more confident in the selection process. They also provide job seekers with the ability to share certifications and licenses that you typically don’t see listed on other job sites. These credentials offer further insight into the applicant’s training. And their metrics seem exceptionally optimized as the candidates applying for a position we post always fit the bill.

Glassdoor + Indeed

Kiran Gollakota, Co-Founder Waltham Clinic

Use a few different sites to post your job listing. You’ll want to make sure that it’s listed on your website, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed and any others you can think of. If they can find the job on your website as well, that will increase your credibility. 


Sean O’Brien, CMO Modloft

Craigslist is an underrated platform to post an open position. Oftentimes the main sites like Glassdoor, Indeed and Linkedin are flooded with so many unqualified candidates. Craigslist brings in a different type of candidate. I would say craigslist is a great option for small business owners. 


Olivia Young, Head of Product Design Conscious Items

If you have a solid social media presence, Instagram can be a great place to attract fresh candidates. A lot of companies are looking to hire young professionals and social media platforms are definitely the place to go for those candidates. 


Michael Hennessy, CEO Diathrive

Linkedin provides a great platform to post jobs. Plus, Linkedin gives you the ability to check out a company’s Linkedin page and gather a ton of information on that company. Linkedin gives candidates the ability to take a peek into a company, you can see who works there and for how long. Candidates like this ability and this is why they are more likely to search for a new job on Linkedin’s platform vs other third party sites. 

Use ZipRecruiter

Bari Medgaus, COO Stabili Teeth

Ziprecruitrer is becoming a more popular job search site these days. This site works both ways so employers can see users’ resumes and potentially reach out to candidates themselves. This is a great idea if you know that your position is specific and hard to fill. Try and source some candidates before you actually post the job. 

Social Platforms Give an Idea of Personality 

Amber Theurer, Chief Marketing Officer ivee

LinkedIn is helpful for hiring because job seekers have the ability to show a lot about themselves through how they put their profiles together. For example, if someone’s LinkedIn profile appears very neat and professional, this person may be a good candidate for a marketing position. If someone’s LinkedIn summary is thoughtful, creative and well-written and their headline is catchy, they may end up being considered  for a writing position. For startups, Angel’s List is useful as well, and Cleverly can help with teams that do not have as much time for recruiting but need help more quickly.

 Facebook + Instagram

Derin Oyekan Co-Founder Reel Paper

For small businesses, it can be a great idea to place an ad on Facebook or Instagram. If you want to attract someone from your network who has personal references you value, you’ll likely yield longer lasting employees who will help your business grow. 


Dylan Arthur Garber Co-Founder Audien Hearing

Glassdoor is a very popular website that is extremely transparent and user friendly, this is why candidates love using glassdoor when looking for a new job or company. Glassdoor lists average annual salaries in the area, competitors, locations, annual revenue, networth, benefits, reviews, etc. If a company posts their open position on glassdoor, they are going to invite serious and informed candidates to apply. 

Workpop For Younger Applicants 

Jason Wong, Founder Doe Lashes 

Workpop is a popular app for millennials. Looking for new apps that post jobs is a great idea for companies looking to hire fresh talent. Try workpop to expand your search to a younger applicant pool. 

Larger Websites Have Larger Pools

Aidan Cole, Co-Founder Hide

Indeed is a fantastic option for companies to post open positions. Indeed gives candidates the option to create their own profile, upload their resume, and create a summary. Indeed is also the most visited open job platform there is, so as an employer you will get plenty of attention. Indeed is said to have 200 million job seekers monthly, this is by far more than any other site. Also, you can post jobs for free, this is a huge benefit. 

Good & Co: Hire for Your Culture 

Guy Bar, Founder Hyfitgear

Good&Co is a great new app that connects employees and companies based on their culture. This is a great way to attract candidates if company culture is something your business values. 

Post to Your Webster 

Jay Reno, CEO Feather 

The best place to have your jobs posted is on your website. Not only does it increase your credibility, but it also increases traffic to your website. If people see a job posting on indeed, they’ll likely go directly to your website to see if the job is posted there and to get more information about your company. 

What Kind of Job is it? 

Eric Anderson, CEO Spaced Adventures 

I would recommend taking the kind of job you are posting into consideration. Workpop and Indeed might be good places to post part time jobs. For more corporate level or salaried positions, you might want to focus your energy on ZipRecruiter or Monster. Those services have wider search results related to salary, experience and benefits.