What Is The Best Fleet Tracking Software


Streamlining your operations, lowering costs, and increasing revenue are all possible with a fleet-tracking software system. Fleet tracking software has evolved into something suitable for companies of all sizes and types. 

A few years ago, it was only suited for enterprises; today, it is available for businesses and fleets of all sizes.

We’ve compiled a list of the best fleet trackers available to help you save time and money while increasing customer satisfaction.

  1. RAM Tracking

This is the best system in the market. RAM Tracking makes monitoring the performance of drivers easy for fleet managers. Businesses of all sizes can use its GPS vehicle and fleet management software solutions, including SMEs with company cars and large enterprises with fleets of trucks.


You may get real-time information about your cars, wherever they may be in the UK and abroad, with the help of its GPS fleet tracking systems. RAM Tracking offers a streamlined fleet tracking system for fleet management, from monitoring fuel expenses to examining route efficiency.

  1. Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Tracking provides low-cost fleet-tracking devices and services to help businesses increase income. Their fleet and asset monitoring technology allows organizations to manage cars and equipment and deliver real-time fleet tracking. It also allows drivers, supervisors, and employees to improve their communication and, as a result, increase earnings while maintaining a high degree of security.

  1. Teletrac Navman 

Teletrac Navman is a prominent provider of GPS fleet tracking and automation solutions through the web. Teletrac Navman tracks over 500,000 vehicles and assets worldwide, and its system assists organizations in directing their fleet and mobile workforces utilizing a single platform.

This fleet management and GPS fleet tracker technology increases efficiency for over 40,000 organizations worldwide.

  1. Azuga

Azuga enables fleet managers and organizations to track cars, driver scores, awards, diagnostics, and maintenance requirements, among other things. Azuga is powerful and straightforward to operate, cut fuel, repair, and premium expenses. 

Azuga is a fleet tracker with everything from OBD plug-in sensors installed instantly to cloud-based software that incorporates smartphone apps.

  1. Verizon Connect 

Verizon Connect is an award-winning, cloud-based software platform that changes how organizations do business. This program provides GPS fleet tracking that goes above and beyond standard fleet tracking software solutions. 

Verizon Connect is scalable and meant to interface with many aspects of a company, such as logistics, maintenance, payroll, and dispatch.

  1. NexTraq Fleet 

With NexTraq’s GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management solution, you can track and manage smaller fleets of 20 vehicles, medium fleets of 250 cars, and large fleets of more than 250 vehicles. 


As a cloud-based application, NexTraq Fleet delivers the most pertinent information to you while minimizing overhead costs and maximizing revenue. It is designed for durability, ease of use, and reliability.

  1. Connecteam

Connecteam provides fleet management software that does more than track your cars. It also assists you in coordinating your personnel, running payroll smoothly, and ensuring your workforce’s safety. Connecteam’s software automates many of the critical business functions your company needs. 

With geofencing, employees can clock in and out of shifts using a mobile app. With Connecteam, your payroll software automatically receives timesheet information, ensuring employees are paid on time for their work.

  1. US Fleet Tracking 

The fleet manager software from US Fleet Tracking includes physical GPS sensors for your company’s cars. Most fleet tracking devices are mounted beneath the dashboard of a vehicle. However, US Fleet Tracking also provides GPS trackers designed to be hidden.

Its real-time alerts make it a standout fleet management software. It also has integrated weather monitoring, which allows you to redirect traffic around approaching storms. With US Fleet Tracking, you can replay route data for up to 90 days to confirm the completion of a route.

  1. Fleet Maintenance Pro

Vehicle tracking software from Fleet Maintenance Pro is mainly intended to assist you in maintaining your company’s cars. You can program routine maintenance, record unexpected repairs, and monitor fuel use and efficiency over time. 

The reporting capabilities of Fleet Maintenance Pro make it simple to track each vehicle’s entire cost of ownership.

The fleet management software lets you track your company’s cars, trucks, and assets. This includes trailers, construction equipment, machinery, and tools. The basic plan allows you to track up to 50 assets and vehicles, while the enterprise plan allows you to track an unlimited number of assets and vehicles.

  1. Samsara

Samsara provides all-in-one fleet management software that may assist you in tracking your company’s cars, optimizing routes, managing fuel usage and maintenance, and much more. Samsara’s fleet tracking software is unique in providing automated procedures for drivers. Drivers can use the Samsara mobile app to check in for work, record a pre-trip examination of their vehicle, and efficiently complete safety and compliance papers.

Samsara’s fleet management software aggregates all data from various mobile operations in a single analytics dashboard, allowing managers to improve their fleet quickly. You may select from over 30 pre-built reporting templates or create unique reports. 

The platform supports SMS and email warnings for geofences, temperature sensors, and unpredictable driving behavior.


Final Thoughts

Fleet management software is vital if your company has many vehicles to track. You can follow your drivers in the field, plan routes as effectively as possible to save on fuel expenses, and keep one step ahead of maintenance jobs with the finest fleet management software.

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