What is the Best Diaper Size for Your Newborn

When you are getting ready to have a baby, one thing you are going to want to do is stock up on as many diapers as you can. It is common to add boxes of diapers to your registry, but how do you know what sizes to register for?

Basics of Diaper Sizes

Luckily, diapers come in standard sizes that are pretty easy to understand. While some sizes might vary with different brands, they are mostly all the same. This makes it pretty easy to determine what size your baby will need as long as you know their weight.

How are you supposed to know how big your baby is before they are even born? It is actually pretty easy to tell what size your baby will be at birth with the help of an ultrasound. While there are some surprises to keep in mind, such as your baby being born earlier than expected the weight your doctor tells you will be pretty accurate.

What are the Diaper Sizes?

The smallest size of diaper is labeled as preemie and they are designed for babies who are born weighing less than 6 pounds. In most cases, you will not need to purchase preemie diapers, unless you deliver early or are expecting a really tiny baby.

The next size up from preemie diapers are newborn diapers. These are made for babies weighing less than 10 pounds. Babies typically wear this size diaper for the first month or less, depending on how big your baby was at birth.

Size 1 diapers are made to fit babies between 8 and 14 pounds. There is an overlap in weight so babies that are just about to outgrow newborn diapers can still wear these comfortably. Babies will usually wear size 1 diapers for about 3 months but could be less or more depending on your baby’s size.

Size 2 diapers fit babies that are between 12 and 18 pounds. They will usually be in this size from 3 to 8 months. It is a good idea to ask for some of these on your registry as well, allowing you to be prepared when your baby grows out of the previous size.

These are the most common diaper sizes that your baby will be in for their first year. Diaper sizes do go up higher, but it is not typical that your baby will need to wear a larger size during their first year of life. If you are going to put diapers on your registry, these are the diaper sizes you will want to ask for!


There is no denying that babies need diapers, and you are going to want to stock up on them before they are born. There are so many diaper sizes, and if you haven’t had a baby before it can be overwhelming trying to decide what size you need.

Luckily, diaper sizes aren’t nearly as confusing as you would think. As long as you have an estimate of how much your baby will weigh when they are born, you will have no problem figuring out which diapers you need to buy!

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