What is SaaS Call Center?

SaaS or software as a service (SaaS) is a very familiar term that is making rounds in the business world. By ditching the compulsion to stick to the same proprietary applications configured once all the time, SaaS ensures that you are enjoying the best of customized features without digging a hole in your pocket. Instead of spending millions of dollars on software system development via CDs or DVDs, it offers software applications that are easily available over the internet at a modest per month fee. 

The cutting-edge technology, SaaS has made its way in almost all sorts of software and app development processes and is enjoying great status since its inception in early 2000. The area which has gathered much attention and has businesses of all shapes and sizes is the SaaS call center.

Unlike previously used call center software, SaaS call center is the most scalable platform that one can ever have. Let’s gather more information about the SaaS call center and why it’s the need of the hour. 

What is the SaaS call center? 

In practical terms, the SaaS call center is a type of call center software that can easily manage inbound and outbound calls while covering all the major operations like call routing, escalation, analytics, and measurement.

Though it may sound the same as a cloud-based phone system, it is actually different from it as it offers advanced call management features, analytics, and a built-in CRM. Using these features, your business can meet all the end-to-end call capabilities and distribute calls easily. 

Reasons to have SaaS call center

Lower cost 

In the SaaS call center, every required infrastructure is deployed/maintained/controlled over cloud space which is way cheaper than other alternatives like on-site call center setup. In a SaaS-based call center, there is no hefty network infrastructure, system procurement, hardware/software deployment, and maintenance expenses to bear. 

This makes a huge difference when it comes to dealing with limited investment wisely. If you are a start-up then nothing can be as viable as a SaaS call center. In this case, you can pay for per seat and get the best of features without compromising on quality which is not the case with on-site call-center software. Whether you are a team of 2 or 20, you have to pay the full amount with an on-site call center. 

Hassle-free set-up 

Instead of consuming your crucial business hours and days, which is the case with on-site deployment, SaaS call center comes with the plug-and-play set-up. Just a simple login and app download and boom, you are done. Can anything be easier than this? We doubt it big-time. 

Features that stands second to none 

One of the key reasons to have a SaaS call center software by your side is the advanced features suite that is available nowhere. From IVRs to CRMs, you can be assured that you are getting the best of business features that make things easier, quicker, and reliable.

Some of the features like ACD (Auto Call Distribution), DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service), live chat and number porting are so helpful that you can’t dream of high productivity, great customer satisfaction index, and better resource usefulness without them. 

CSAT like never before 

CSAT or Customer Satisfaction is an important pillar for your business’s success. No business can move forward while not paying much attention to this aspect. SaaS-based call center setup ensures that you enjoy high CSAT without fail. 

By offering you tools like CRM, analytics, surveys, and customer journey analysis, it gives you a whole picture of what customers need and what they are getting. By pondering over the data collected using the SaaS call center, you can understand your customers better and endow them with what is required. This also helps the agent to gear up according to the needs and improve their performance.

Crisp, concise, and centralized data 

When you run a business, you need plenty of valuable data to touch the peaks of success. As operations take place at various platforms, data is gathered. Collected, and analyzed at various platforms. For leveraged operations, there should be quick and reliable data availability. 

A well-integrated SaaS call center creates a centralized place where data across all the channels can be saved/collected and accessed easily. As it comes with multiple device compatibility, you will not face denied access to the database just because you don’t have the right user control to get through. 

Quick updates 

Unlike on-site call center setup, you need not shut down the whole system and put a stop on business operations when there is an update required. Whenever you need a feature or system update, just make a call to the service provider and they will take care of it. The best part is that nothing will get hampered at your front. You can work as usual. 


To grow unconditionally, you should have resources that can work unconditionally and SaaS call center software is one such resource. Without keeping you bound at investment, location, access, and viability fronts, it ensures that you are making most of your investments and getting remarkable ROI. So, if you wish that your call center should suffice its purpose, switch to the SaaS call center today.