What is Pre-Employment Testing?

Pre-employment testing is a screening test given to potential employees before they start working at a company. These tests help employers find out if their prospective employees have any medical conditions that could affect their job performance. In some cases, pre-employment testing may even be mandatory depending on the type of industry you work in.

In order to pass these tests, applicants need to undergo physical examinations, psychological evaluations, drug screenings, and sometimes even blood tests. If you plan to apply for jobs in certain industries, you might want to consider taking additional exams.

Here are some examples of industries where pre-employment testing is commonly done:

• Law enforcement agencies

• Military services

• Fire departments

• Hospitals

• Schools

• Government offices

• Construction sites

• Manufacturing facilities

• Food processing companies

• Transportation companies

• Utilities

One of the most popular reasons for pre-employment testing is to find out whether or not someone is a good fit for the job. A person who does not meet the qualifications of the position may not be able to perform well enough to keep his or her job. If he or she is unable to perform the duties of the position, then the employer could lose money. On the other hand, if the person meets the requirements of the position, then he or she should be hired. However, even though the person meets the requirements, the employer still wants to know about any past issues that might affect him or her.

Another reason for pre-employment testing involves finding out whether or not someone has been convicted of a crime. Many people think that once they get a job, they no longer need to worry about being arrested or charged with a crime. Unfortunately, this is not true. Even after getting a job, a person’s criminal history remains active until the charges are dropped, expunged, or sealed. The police blotter will show the person’s name for as long as the case remains open. Therefore, employers want to check a prospective employee’s criminal record before hiring him or her.

A third reason for pre-employment screening is to determine if a person has ever had a substance abuse problem. Substance abuse problems can range from simple marijuana use to heroin addiction. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure their employees are not under the influence while they are at work. It is possible to terminate workers immediately if they are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Finally, employers sometimes conduct pre-employment screenings to find out if a candidate has a mental illness. Mental illnesses can range from depression to schizophrenia. People suffering from mental illnesses often require medication to treat their condition. Because of this, employers want to make sure that candidates are taking their medications correctly. If a person fails to take his or her meds properly, he or she could become violent towards coworkers or customers.

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