What is Essential to Consider When Designing a Website Header?

A well-designed header is like a beautiful and practical roof of a house. It protects from the bad weather and makes the building stand out. Today we will answer one of the many questions regarding a website header. And here’s how to do it competently, taking into account all the other nuances, you can ask the team of website header design professionals. After all, the best results are always made by those who understand the mechanisms of work and include the latest developments in its toolbox. 

What is a Website Header and What Does it Consist of?

Think about it, when you go to the site, what is it that catches your eye? Most likely, this will be the top, a separate block, which appears on all pages. A potential client subconsciously searches for this element, because he knows for sure that there are links to all categories, sections, announcements of the latest news (for example, various promotions), and contacts of the company. So we found the header of the site. It remains to understand what components it includes. 

In short, any header, first of all, demonstrates the company logo and its distinctive style. Thus, it demonstrates prestige, because the header resembles a quality business card. As we mentioned above, one of the main functions of this block of the site is navigation. It is about directing the user in the right part of the site. 

In turn, for customers who know exactly what they want and don’t want to spend a lot of time, there is a “search” button.  For regular users, there is a button to log in, which allows you to visit a personal account or register. Thus, the visitor is trying to keep on the site and provide a comfortable cabinet, which has everything from the shopping cart buyer, ending with methods of payment. 

In addition, the header may include links to the blog pages, notifications, calls to action, and relevant links for contact. It is worth saying that all of these elements are far from being required, are in every profile header. It all depends on the specialization of the company. That is why, when choosing components of the header for your company, it is worth contacting a professional team. This will help to avoid mistakes and not overload the page header with things that are not necessary or, on the contrary, do not make it too ascetic.

Header Design: What is Important?

The first thing you should take care of is the font design. It is the translator of the information that is so important. You need to choose one that is easy to read and does not merge with the background. Simplicity and minimalism are one of the most important components. After all, too ornate letters or the wrong color in terms of complementarity, can ruin the whole impression. 

The second component of a successful design profile header is a visual effect. A variety of illustrations, animations, photos, or even videos allows you to personalize the information being presented. Thus, you can establish emotional contact with the user and demonstrate the values of the company in visual language. 

The third critical component of header design is the call to action button. Perhaps you put a tab there to register, or help the customer easily get in touch with you. It depends on the goals pursued by the company. Initially, you need to consider where to place the CTA, and how to highlight it, and make it as clear to the user. 

The fourth point involves smart navigation. Of course, its creation depends on the goals and product of your company. You should initially understand how to properly design the menu, where to include key links, and so on. That is why, the designers, before starting the work, study all of the above from the perspective of the potential user. 

And last but not least is creativity. Today, there are no universal models for the design of the header. Each company has its own philosophy, provides different services and, of course, has its own unique history. Thus, the task of an entrepreneur, is to dress all this in a beautiful form of presentation. In this case creativity means self-expression. But, again, each process must have a certain system. For example, it is important not to overload the header with a bunch of buttons and not to create navigation that resembles a maze.