What Is CAPM Certification Exam Pattern And Other Exam Related Detail

What Is CAPM Certification Exam Pattern And Other Exam Related Detail

The primary goal of every organization is to enhance the profitability of the company. The profitability of an organization is calculated after the total investment made by the company is reduced from the total revenue collected after the sales of the product or service. Most of the companies fail to enhance profitability as the methods they use outdated and are not practical for modern projects. These methods include reducing the operational cost and increasing the sales number. Primarily major organizations prefer working on projects to ensure that their profitability is enhanced. A project is a temporary endeavor of an organization that is completely focused on providing the company with a unique product in order to have a market impact on the company. A project to help the organization incomplete reduction of the investments by a great margin, and it also functions to enhance the sales number. Working on a project is the most practical and beneficial way for the enhancement of profitability, but it usually requires professional help. 

What is the CAPM Certificate?

Project management is a sector that looks forward to professionals who have the potential to help an organization settle up their projects in the best possible way. There is a constant requirement of professionals, and it has created a demand in the market for which many professionals look forward to getting project management certifications. One of the most functional project management certification is a certified associate in project management, which is also very popularly known as the CAPM certification. This certification is an entry-level certification for project managers.

 This certification is issued by the project management institute, which is also the prime institution for all the project management guidelines. Certified associate in project management certification is one of the most functional certifications for all the professionals for planning to put their first step in the field of project management. This certification is designed in the best possible way to ensure that the candidates who have this certification have all the fundamental knowledge and have the skill to execute different processes under project management. But forgetting the certification is really a very long procedure, and the major difficulty which people face while preparing for the certification is clearing the examination. 

Details on the CAPM Examination 

When we talk about examination, the primary part is which people are actually eligible to sit for the examination. The certified associate in project management certification is a certificate that has certain eligibility criteria, which filters out many professionals that do not have the skill and knowledge which does not enable them to sit for the exam. The only requirement which certification asks for is having a proper graduation or high school degree along with at least 23 hours of professional training experience. Professional who also have 1500 hours of hands-on experience in the field of project management is also eligible to sit for the examination. The major topics under the certified associate in Project Management are the expectancy theory, arbitration, fringe benefits, motivational theory, and a lot more. The examination for this certification comprises 150 multiple choice questions, but among the 1 50 questions, 15 questions are pretest questions. These pre-test questions are to help the professional in being familiar with the examination to ensure that they have a confident 3 hours. The total time allotted for the professional to answer the entire set of questions is 3 hours, but it is very important for the professional to understand the division of importance of topics or chapters before sitting for the exam. Certified associate in project management has a proper division of questions in the examination. 15% of questions come from the 3rd chapter of the PMBOK guide; questions come down from the 4th chapter, 11% of questions come from the fifth chapter, 12% of questions come from the 6th chapter. 7% question come from the seventh chapter, 6% question come from the 8 chapter, 8% question comes from the 9th chapter, 6% question comes from the 10th chapter, 9% question come from the 11th chapter, 7% questions come from the 12th, and 7% questions come down from the 13th chapter. 

These are the complete examination details of the certified associate in project management certification. A professional need to answer at least 75 correct questions from the 135 questions to create the examination and have this certification