What Is Binary Trading and How to Trade in IQ Option India?

What Is Binary Trading and How to Trade in IQ Option India?

Globally, the prevalence of e-commerce has increased dramatically, and India is not lagging. Since the advent of binary trading, many Indian investors have been looking into investing in binary options. 

Many Indians, however, remain in the dark about binary options in terms of their potential uses and the legality of binary trading within the country. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about trading binary IQ options India.

What is Binary Trading in India?

In India, binary options are traded as “all or nothing” contracts, where the payout is either some set amount if the option expires in the money or nothing if it expires out of the money. A binary option is a type of trading in which the outcome can either be yes or no. Since binary trading is executed mechanically, the option holder does not get to decide whether to sell or buy the asset.

High-risk management is required when using binary options trading software like IQ Option; nonetheless, the holder of a binary option is aware of the full extent of the risk attached to each trade, and the loss is capped at the initial investment.

How to trade in binary options in India?

Since there are currently no Indian-based binary trading firms and no recognized stock exchanges in India that offer binary options, Indian traders who wish to invest in binary options must do so through an offshore binary options broker. The following are the methods that can be used to trade binary options in India:

  • Start trading with a reputable binary options broker in a country outside the US.
  • To begin trading, you must first choose an asset.
  • Predict what will happen in the market and act accordingly.
  • Step one: decide how much money you will put into your binary option.
  • Trading the Option: Do It!
  • The result is either an immediate profit or the elimination of any financial risk.

Is IQ Option legal in India?

IQ Option Europe Ltd. owns and manages IQ Option, a binary options broker. Despite being a licensed and regulated broker, IQ Option is not recognized by Indian law because binary options trading is illegal in the country.

However, in India, people have access to three different IQ measurement tools:

  • A free demo account where the trader can practice binary options trading without risking any real money.
  • The Standard Account, also known as the Starter Account, requires the least initial deposit.
  • A VIP account gives the investor access to a personal manager who can assist with trades.

What to do in an IQ Option Scam of Binary Trading in India?

Due to the absence of norms or legislation governing the trading of binary options in India, traders in this market do so at their peril. Regarding IQ option scams in binary trading, Indian traders have little legal recourse. 

Brokers have varying rates of return as well. Two different brokers may each give you an additional return on investment, say 60% with one and 300% with the other. Traders in binary options need to know that they can trust the broker by researching its return rates, minimum investment option, bonus policy, withdrawal policy, etc. because there is no oversight over these aspects of the business.

The Indian government does not want to take any chances that could lead to a financial crisis because of the widespread rumors and reports of IQ Options scams.

Quotex Features

Here is our Quotex review for 2022. Seychelles-based Awesome Ltd operates under the Quotex brand. The company’s goal is to integrate advanced resources with user-friendly digital solutions. So, it provides a simple interface, trading signals, indicators, and quick processing times.

Customers from the United States of America, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and European Economic Area (EEA) nations like Germany cannot use the website’s services.

Trading Platform

Once clients have signed up for an account, they will access the Quotex trading platform through the internet. When an asset is chosen, traders are presented with a real-time price chart, and they can switch between various graphs showing the same data at varying time intervals (from five seconds to a day). There are nine customizable indicators available on the website. 

Additionally, 15 different drawing tools are at your disposal to aid in the creation of accurate forecasts. Indicator names and other information can be hidden from view without affecting the user’s ability to annotate charts.

The top twenty daily earners are shown on a leaderboard within the platform’s user interface. The program also provides customers with infinite market signals, experts’ suggestions for trading an asset, price direction, and expected length.