What happened to Kissmanga? Everything You Need to Know

What happened to Kissmanga

Search engines like google, Firefox etc, are working on getting rid of free pirated content on their platforms. Sites that put on pirated content for free and without any permission from original owners are considered to be illegal. And though these sites have many useful aspects, they still are not according to the privacy policies of most top-rated search engines.

Kissmanga is one such site that comes under this category. This site was recently removed from google along with its counterpart Kissanime. This has left many anime including Kissanime Alternatives lovers and manga geeks in a lurch.dragon ball z was one of the most famous anime on kissanime.

What is Kissmanga?

Kissmanga is a very popular manager platform that is loved by anime community all over the globe. This site was best in all aspects. There were countless manga series in great manga print quality. The User interface is top notch. You can find any manga from any genre on this platform.

The lay out of the platform is quite similar to that of Manga stream. This site has gotten many positive reviews from users all over the world. Kiss manga had the absolute best features when it came to manga reading. You could search your favourite shows very quickly with its auto-completion features and filter search feature.

With auto-completion search feature, you didn’t have to put the whole name of the series in the search bar. The website automatically guessed the title from just two or three initial letters of the manga series.

The site was updated often to add the latest content and to fix the existing bugs. This also made the platform more famous and reliable.

What happen to Kisssmanga?

Recently the manga readers were left shocked when they found out that this precious manga reading site has been shut down along with its anime streaming site Kissanime. It is indeed a huge loss for any anime and manga fan. This site was go-to of virtually 80% anime and manga geeks for their needs. The site covered every genre and had many awesome streaming features.

This fact can be measured by the fact that after the news of the site being shut down got out it instantly mobilised the entire anime and manga community and everyone shared how much this site meant to them through facebook groups and other social media platforms.

Why did they take down Kissanime?

There are many theories and conspiracies as to why the platform was taken down. A popular one and the one we think might actually be true is the following. All the search engines are being modified and they allow only legal paid content. This has led to many free online streaming sites being shut down.

Only those platforms are allowed to operate which charge money to stream their content. Thus, many free sites are now also changing their policies and charging users for their content. There is a silver lining there because if that’s the case then it might be possible that kissmanga will be back to its users but with some price.

Next up we will take you through some cool alternatives to kissmanga that you can stream and enjoy your favourite content.

Some kissmanga Alternatives:


If you like reading manga on kissmanga, then we are sure you will appreciate Mangastream as well. This site offers a huge manga library that covers every manga from the latest to the old classics. Stream this site today to have fun with amazing UI of this site while reading your favourite manga.

Manga Panda

This is another cool kissmanga alternative that offers very high-quality manga to its users for free. You can save so much of your time with this website’s amazing layout and effective search features.


Crunchyroll is the most secure manga streaming platform. The site hosts every mainstream manga series and offers the latest content as soon as it gets out.


This platform offers a huge manga variety with high quality manga print. This platform offers very few ads which makes it the best choice for reading manga. Just like Mangastream, this site offers great streaming features that include manga community chat forum, great UI and quick search features etc and many more.

Will kissmanga will be back?

Honestly no one knows when and how will this site be back. We can expect to see a clone site of kissmanga since most sites that are shut down often appear as clone platforms. But there isn’t one up until now.

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