What Games Teach Great Lessons about Money

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You don’t have to learn practical financial lessons from reading dense articles or signing up for classes. You can learn them when you boot up your console and play your favorite game! 

Just look at the money lessons these games teach.

Animal Crossing: Prepare for Emergencies

Animal Crossing is the game that took over 2020. The quaint island getaway was the perfect escape from the stresses of the pandemic. 

The adorable life-simulator comes with plenty of financial lessons that you can apply in your everyday life. It teaches you to prioritize debt payments by asking you to save thousands of bells to pay down your loans. It encourages you to collect reward miles and use them for special expenses. It even gives you opportunities to try your hand at investing with their “stalk market.”

One of the best lessons that you can take away from the game is that you should always save up for emergencies. Players will encounter problems on a regular basis that will require them to dip into their savings right away. Their essential equipment will break and disappear, or they will get attacked by bees and need medicine to recover.

How can you apply this lesson to real life? You should put together an emergency fund. You’ll have essentials that need replacing and medical emergencies that you can’t ignore. It’s important to be prepared for these problems.

In cases when you don’t have enough savings, you can turn to an alternative like an online personal loan. You can apply for a loan online in a matter of minutes and find out whether you’ve been approvedvery quickly. If you’re approved, you can use the funds from the online loan to cover the emergency expense. Then, you’ll need to prioritize the steady repayment plan — just like when you’re repaying Animal Crossing’s resident Tom Nook.

Minecraft: Protect Your Valuables

Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time — it only comes in second to Tetris. Despite the fact that it is over a decade old, it still begins to collect new users by giving them an exciting world to build and share with others. 

However, lots of Minecraft users understand that there are risks of sharing your world with other players. They can go through your carefully crafted space and steal your things. So, users are encouraged to find ways to protect their valuables, like placing items in shulker boxes and then stashing those in an ender chest.

What practical lesson can you glean from this? You have to take precautions to protect your money. For instance, if you don’t want someone getting into your online bank accounts, you’re going to have to create strong passwords and use multiple security questions that strangers can’t guess. Make it difficult to access your valuables.

House Flipper: Invest in Your Home

The simulation game House Flipper allows you to purchase “fixer-upper” homes and flip them. By using your repairing and renovating skills, you can turn these rundown houses into beautiful homes that people will actually want to live in.

What does this teach you? Your house is a valuable asset. You have the power to raise the value of the property, which will come in handy when you want to sell it. You could significantly increase your profits. 

You’ve followed this financial advice while playing these games. Why not follow it in real life?