Make Your Smart TV Streaming Experience Better

Most people are blown away by the image quality of TVs on sale at the electronics store, but when they finally bring one home, they are often disappointed. This is because somehow the TV does not sound or look as good as it seemed at the store or while surfing it online. Don’t fret. Nothing is wrong with your new TV.

Your new LG LED TV needs a bit of tweaking for you to get the most out of it. And no, you do not need a degree in electrical engineering to do the bit of change in the settings yourself. Nor do you need to hire a professional — even if you come across articles or individuals suggesting that you consult one. The following are a few simple tricks to optimize the sound and picture qualities of your new TV. And this advice will also work if you are looking to spice up an older home theater setup as well.

Improve Your TV Streaming Experience

There are a few tips you can try to enhance the stream quality: 

  • Restart your streaming service if you want to watchcartoononline smoothly. To do this, log off and close the program. Reboot all the devices you are running it on. 
  • Reboot the home network. Many times it so happens that a quick reboot is all you need to get things back in place. 
  • Try to disable your virtual private network (VPN). When using a VPN, your connection is rerouted, which may cause the lag. 
  • Change the DNS server. Sometimes third-party DNS servers work faster than your default ones. 
  • Try upgrading the hardware — this could include any combination of your router, smart TV, Wi-Fi hub, streaming devices. 
  • Upgrade the internet connection. Try disconnecting a device or two if you have too many connected devices. 
  • Upgrade the data plan, especially if you are hitting the data cap regularly. Boost for more bandwidth. 

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Size of TV and Where to sit

How far you will sit from the TV is, of course, a personal choice. A general rule for HD TVs is to maintain a distance of about 1.5 and up to 2.5 times that of the diagonal screen size. With a 55- or 60-inch TV, you may sit somewhere between 7 1/2 feet and 12 1/2 feet away from the screen. The high pixel density of the 4K Ultra HD TVs, however, indicates that the viewer can sit 30% closer than what is applicable in the case of an HD TV.

If you still have not bought the television you want in your home, you must measure your wall space before making the ultimate buy. You can also use painter’s tape on the wall to envision the area where you want to set your new television to ensure that you buy the right size.

Experts suggest that “bigger is better.” If you are thinking that a LED TV price is too high, you are wrong. LG LED TVs start from INR 9,990 and go up to INR 40,990. So, give it another thought and see if your space and budget allow an LG LED TV so that you can replicate a movie theater-like experience at your own home.

Use LED Backlight Strip 

This straightforward and handy accessory will change your TV watching experience. Using a multi-color LED strip backlight for your new TV can sound weird but it has many advantages.

  • First, it can reduce the eyestrain brought about by the differences in the on-screen brightness for different videos.
  • Second, it makes the on-screen content more engaging by making it seem like the contrast has been improved. 

You can get a strip of RGB LEDs for TV backlighting starting from INR 599 and can be plugged into any 5V USB outlet.

Consider Adding Sound Bars

What is a better way to take advantage of your new LG LED TV than by ensuring that the TV’s sound is as good as its picture quality? Of course, you do not need a soundbar to enjoy the television, as many modern LED TVs have a fascinating sound quality. For instance, LG LED TVs. With a soundbar and a new sound system, you can create an experience like that of a home cinema. This will help you make most of your new television and engage in a more immersive experience you cannot afford to miss out on.

Get a Universal Remote

Have you ever considered getting a universal remote control? These unique gadgets are ideal for anyone who does not prefer using multiple remotes. With a universal remote, you can have one remote with control of all AV devices. From controlling Bluetooth, sound devices to game consoles and Blu-ray players, universal remotes are convenient. These gadgets help to keep your small coffee table or bedside table from becoming too cluttered.

Add a TV Stand

It is easy to get lost reading about smart TVs when buying a new set so much so that TV accessories become an afterthought. However, it is as important to get hold of the best stand for the TV as it is to buy the new television itself.

A TV stand that does not fit well interferes with the viewing experience. This could be because it does not provide you with the ideal viewing angle or as it does not have sufficient storage capacity for your DVD collection. A nice-looking wooden TV stand is a stunning piece of furniture that is perfect for keeping the cables out of your way, hidden from sight. Modern wooden TV stands are designed to match the latest LG LED TV designs. 

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So now that we are bound to stay indoors, chances are we’ll end up watching TV more than we usually do. So, why not get a more immersive experience and invest in a smart TV with some must-have accessories? 

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