What Drove the Success of Mobile Gaming
Mobile Gaming

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Mobile gaming has evolved to become the most profitable aspect of the gaming sector. As an industry, mobile gaming has grown by leaps and bounds, especially in the last decade, and managed to become a sector that accounts for over 50% of the entire revenue of the gaming industry. 

Many factors have driven the success of mobile giving, even at first glance, it didn’t show that it had enough potential to compete with the widely popular video games or game console market. But, it is so popular that new mobile users and gamers choose to play their favorite mobile games on the move. This article will take a look at the main reasons that drove the success of mobile gaming and a net worth of $29.10 billion by the end of 2022.  

Variety of Mobile Games 

The main reason for the success of any mobile and online game was its convenience. It was really easy to play any game from your browser and to access it whenever you wanted, as opposed to video games that require you to have certain technical specifications of your device and to install that game directly to your computer. 

For example, games like Hover Skirt are user-friendly, easy to play, and represent an easily Acebal option that has become quite popular with many online users. The same trend was also noticeable on mobile devices.  

Because mobile devices are far more convenient than any other device, the same trend was noticeable with the mobile games on the platform. Most were easy-to-play and typically didn’t require any knowledge or serious gaming skills. 

So, mobile games on the App Store and Google Play Store were created for casual and non-gamers. This has shifted the target audience interested in gaming and expanded the demographics of mobile users who wanted to play their favorite mobile games. 

It also created more opportunities for game studios to create innovative and different titles from all kinds of genres and sub-genres. In the past, mostly well-established brands were part of the gaming sector, but the rise of mobile devices changed, and we can see today many different indie developers in this space. 

Free Mobile Games 

Another important factor is the affordability of mobile gaming associated with a huge number of free mobile games. Even though they might have in-app purchases, the content is mostly available for free. That was an unprecedented move in the mobile gaming market that has further opened its doors to many new mobile gamers. 


Convenience, as we said a huge factor that contributed to the success of mobile gaming. The installation process is fairly straightforward and quick. You can simply take out your smartphone from your pocket and find a mobile game to suit your preferences in just a couple of seconds. It can only last about a couple of seconds. Whether you are interested in heftier titles that are based on video games or you want to play simple hyper-casual mobile games, the installation process and the quality is pretty much the same due to the advancements in mobile technology. You can have an immersive gaming experience on the move. So, it’s far more convenient to play mobile games than other video games or game console titles.

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