You may have learned a little bit about Buttkickers if you’ve lately started seeking ways to enhance your racing simulator setup. It is surely a great choice for a name, but what and who are they? Well, Buttkickers are indeed a racing simulation accessory that may be installed on your setup to offer cutting-edge haptic input while you’re driving.

Buttkickers employ vibrations to replicate the sensation of driving on an actual track as you shift through the gears, go over road bumps, or even when taking a hard turn.It is a whole new experience for gamers but if you want to learn more about them then continue to read this article.

What Does A Buttkick In Sim Racing Mean?

To produce tactile feedback for players, a butt-kicker transforms audio data from video games. The primary product created by the brand, Buttkicker, represents both the brand and itself. The ultimate sensor you have is your body, which butt-kickers use to deliver incredibly genuine feelings.

A butt-kicker system, when paired with excellent graphics as well as audio, will completely immerse you in the game. You can also learn tracks more quickly as well as catch errors earlier thanks to it.

A Powerful Brand

The identical task that Buttkicker completes is also completed by several rivals and do-it-yourself methods. Buttkicker, on the other hand, has become well-known in the industry because it excels at converting audio-only data into a touch-based experience.

The device makes use of two essential technological components: an amplifier that receives auditory information as well as a mechanical and perhaps vibrating element that converts that info into something a somewhat gamer can sense. 

4D films

This initial technology was created by the motion picture theater industry to enhance the drama of motion pictures.

The mechanical, vibrating component of the theatre chairs was incorporated into the first “4D” movies to add touch-based effects to the viewing experience.

Today’s technology is widely used as well as reasonably priced for gamers too though. The Buttkicker is compatible with PC and console games because it uses audio data.

This adaptability makes it a great purchase for even casual gamers seeking a more engaging gaming environment. You can find Buttkicker Gamer Plus and Pro Products at Gamer Gear Direct so do check them out.

The benefits of using Buttkickers

1.    In-depth Track

It’s truly night and day when racing on the static arrangement and one that offers tactility. A Buttkicker system enables you to sense every bump in the road, improving the track quality, in contrast to typical rigs that only produce minor sensations through the speakers.

You’ll appreciate the additional layer of sensations the Buttkicker offers, which includes various vibration rhythms to imitate each section of the racetrack, gear changes, and sometimes even scuffing up against a curb.

2.    Complete immersion

Having every component of your setup, including your software, steering wheel, as well as pedals, perfectly synchronized will go a long way toward making you feel fully involved in the sim racing experience.

You must also know that a good Buttkicker won’t cause you to lose focus or lose immersion because there won’t be any lag between what happens on screen as well as what you feel.

3.    Prepares you for the track

The most accurate representation of the racing conditions is provided by a Buttkicker system. To recreate the strong feeling of racing, you should feel it throughout your entire body, exactly just like you would whilst driving.

Additionally, haptic sensory systems can aid in getting your body as well as mentally ready for getting back on track if you’re utilizing your racing sim gear to practice.


Well, to conclude this article, it doesn’t matter whether you are a serious sim racer or just playing. It was fun. A Buttkicker is surely a great compliment to anybody’s sim racing layout.

By including vibrating elements that could also effectively associate you with the simulated racetrack, even very new sim racers can enhance their driving experience.

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