What Doctors Think About NAD+ Injections

What Is NAD+?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, otherwise known as NAD+, is a naturally occurring chemical in our bodies that plays a vital role in how our bodies generate energy. As we age, our body’s NAD+ supply begins to diminish. This is primarily because the body becomes less efficient at making NAD+ due to an increased demand for the cells breaking down and needing repair.

“Our bodies have a limited supply of NAD+ that dwindles with age… NAD+ is fundamental for many biological processes to occur, and NAD+ is also necessary in order for sirtuins—a group of proteins—to ensure our metabolism stays healthy and cells can produce energy”, said Dr. Zalzala from AgelessRx.com. NAD+ levels in our bodies also play a significant role when it comes to the aging process. The more NAD+ available within our bodies, the slower we are likely to age, as well as the less likely we are to develop age-related diseases.

According to WebMD, NAD+ is commonly used to improve mental clarity, memory, alertness, and concentration, as well as to support those suffering from depression, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

How Do You Receive NAD+ Treatment?

The most common way to increase NAD+ levels within the body is through NAD injections. NAD+ plays a key role in creating our body’s energy by encouraging the body’s ATP production by the mitochondria – which we all learned in school is the powerhouse of the cell. In most cases, NAD+ injections would be done one to three times a week and the overall effects can be felt after three to five days for most.

There are, however, various ways to supplement NAD+ levels in the body. These other options range from patches to injections, oral supplements, and IV treatment. According to most doctors, subcutaneous and intravenous injections are the two most effective treatment options to increase NAD+ levels. Subcutaneous refers to injections into our body’s fatty tissue, and intravenous refers to injections directly into the veins or an IV as mentioned previously.

Historically, oral forms of NAD+ have poor bioavailability. This is primarily because it must first be broken down by our stomach prior to being ingested and released into the bloodstream. “There are alternative ways to directly supplement NAD+ that do not require the reliance on a precursor or pill converting to NAD+ through the gut. NAD+ injections can be self-administered, just like an insulin injection, and deliver NAD+ straight to the bloodstream.”

What Doctors Think About NAD+ Injections

NAD+ plays a crucial role when it comes to our body’s generation of energy. However, according to ScienceDirect, NAD+ also plays an important role in the regulation of NAD+ consuming enzymes such as sirtuins, poly-ADP-ribose polymerases (PARPs), and CD38/157 ectoenzymes. Through NAD+ biosynthesis, NAMPT and SIRT1 work together to regulate our body’s circadian rhythm and metabolism. 

As our body’s NAD+ levels begin to decline during the aging process, it can have significant impacts on our body’s mitochondrial and nuclear functioning. Ultimately this causes age-related diseases and cognitive impairment for those as they age. Because NAD+ is so critical to our body’s overall functionality, doctors believe that NAD+ needs to be supplemented as we age. 

Although there are several treatment options such as taking an oral supplement, IV treatment, patches, and injections, injections and IV treatment tend to be the preferred method by most doctors, as mentioned previously. 

What are the Benefits of NAD+ Injections?

According to Dr. Zalzala and AgelessRx.com, a company that offers prescription therapies such as NAD+ injections, there are several direct benefits linked to receiving NAD+ injections. Listed below are a few of the benefits associated with receiving NAD+ injections.

  1. Increases Mood

NAD+ is linked to increased mood. When our body has low levels of NAD+, it oftentimes contributes to increased anxiety and depression, and a decrease in our mood. By receiving NAD+ injections, you raise your body’s NAD+ levels to the adequate levels needed, ultimately working to improve upon your mood, as well as anxiety and depression symptoms you may have been experiencing. 

  1. Improvements in Mental Clarity

Low NAD+ levels have a direct impact on cognitive abilities and can lead to brain fog and mental unclarity in those as they age. NAD+ works to revitalize cellular components of the brain, giving the neurotransmitters in the brain improved function. Ultimately, supplementing your NAD+ works to restore the brain’s chemistry and boost cognitive function in users.

  1. Boosts Our Body’s Metabolism

NAD+ also increases the bioavailability of NAD+ at a cellular level, which ultimately helps our cells to convert food molecules into energy more effectively and more efficiently. 


  1. Improves Post-Workout Recovery

NAD+ provides the body with the fuel needed to activate muscles during a workout and help repair the muscles in a quicker turnaround period afterward. 


  1. Reduces Internal Inflammation

NAD+ injections help to replenish the declining levels of NAD+ in the body needed for immune response and overall healthy cellular function. By replenishing these NAD+ levels, our bodies can respond quicker and function better, thus reducing internal inflammation.

Many doctors believe that NAD+ injections are crucial for individuals as they age. If the symptoms associated with NAD+ deficiency sound like symptoms you are experiencing, NAD+ injections may be a great option for you.