Today, many technologies promise to help improve your memory, but not all give good results. However, this is not a reason to abandon the idea of ​​improving your memory. So, you can create a mnemonic device where you will store all the most critical information.

What Is A Mnemonic Device?

Several memorization champions, including Jonas von Essen, may have heard of the mind palace technique. To master this, you need to build a mnemonic device in your mind. It can be almost any building you know well (your parent’s house, the building you live in now, your work office, and more).

It is a place in your mind where you can come to think, put your thoughts in order, and store important information for you. You have heard of Sherlock Holmes’ memory halls before. He went here when he needed to think and find crucial information. Practice shows that this is not just fiction. Like the famous detective, you can build a mnemonic device in your mind, thanks to which you can learn how to structure your memory. So, you can decide for yourself what data you need and should go to long-term memory, which you should discard, since they are no longer required.

How To Create A Mnemonic Device?

Although this technique seems quite simple at first glance, mastering it can be difficult. So, it would be best if you prepared for the fact that you have to train every day without days off and holidays.

It is best to train in a calm environment where no one distracts you. In addition, practice shows that training gives excellent results if you pay attention to them before going to bed and falling asleep. At this moment, the part of the brain responsible for imagination is activated, which is incredibly important, as it helps to imagine better the building in which you can put your thoughts in order.

To create a mnemonic device, you must train every day for 15 – 20 minutes. You mustn’t miss a single day; as a result, it will be much worse.

Mobile App

The easiest and most reliable way to create a mnemonic device is to use the memoryOS mobile app. It is based on a method developed by two-time memorization champion Jonas von Essen.

This mobile application has a considerable number of advantages:

  • Interactive design;
  • Simple, intuitive interface;
  • Simple but very effective exercises;
  • 3D models, and much more.

Before you start using this mobile application, the system will prompt you to take a short test to determine the state of your memory before training. Then, based on the data received, the system will offer you a unique training program that will help improve your memory and develop your imagination.

How To Improve The Result Of Training In A Mobile Application?

If you want to get results as soon as possible, you need to do additional memory training, which is familiar to you from school. It is also necessary to pay more attention to board games and puzzles (bingo, sudoku, solitaire, chess, and checkers) that help improve logic.

It will also be good to visit beautiful places, travel more, and look at beautiful pictures to improve your imagination.

Particular attention should be paid to improving the functioning of the brain. To do this, you need to balance the mode of work and rest, sleep at least 8 hours a day, and spend more time outdoors. You also need to review your diet. So, you need to add foods such as redfish, turmeric, dark chocolate, nuts, coffee, and others. We also advise you to abandon products that, on the contrary, impair the functioning of the brain and circulatory system, for example, alcohol, fried meat, confectionery, carbonated drinks, and more.

If you follow all the recommendations, then you can quickly improve the state of your memory and build a mnemonic device within a few months. However, you should not stop there because if you stop training, you will quickly return to where you started.

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