What Different High Fives Styles Say About Your Personality

A High Five Can Teach You A Lot About The Type Of Person Someone Is… 

Personality tests are all well and good. You could spend hours trying to work out if someone is an INTJ, Type A, or has a Relaxed Attachment Style – but why would you waste your time doing that when you can tell so much from a person’s high five. 

Today, we’re going to look at 6 different types of high fives and what they can tell you about the people who do them. 

#1 – A Classic High Five As A Greeting 

Someone who high fives you when they first meet you is a friendly and excitable person. They are probably extroverts and love being around people. 

They like to make the people around them feel comfortable, welcome and acknowledged – so they high five them to say hello. 

They have a lot of friends but are extremely generous with their time and energy. They are pretty casual but they are a lot of fun to be around. 

It is worth noting that some people give high fives as greetings because they do not like to be hugged. They initiate the high five to prevent a hug from happening or to have an awkward conversation about why they don’t like hugs. 

#2 – They High Five You When They Are Excited 

If someone high fives you when they are excited, this is a great sign of your friendship. 

If something cool or good happens, like your favorite sports team scoring a point, and your friend turns to high five you. This means that they want to share their joy with you, both subconsciously and consciously. You are the person in the room they think about when they are happy. 

If someone high fives you when they are excited, then you should see this as an honor. You are either lifelong friends or on track to become so very soon. 

Do you ever wonder who came up with the high five? You can find out more here. 

#3- They Try To Trick You With Their High Five 

There are two types of people who will try to trick you with a high five (most likely using the classic “too slow” gambit) – family and people you should be wary of. 

They are either your older brother, your cousin, or your uncle in which case, you have no need to worry about this habit. 

However, if a person who is not a family member or a very close family friend tries to trick you with a high five then you should keep an eye on them. 

They are most likely the kind of person who thinks they can’t be happy unless they are bringing the people around them down. Or even worse, they enjoy upsetting people. They try to make people feel upset or insecure by embarrassing them. 

People can be like this because they are upset or insecure themselves. They might want to talk to you about it. 

But be aware, that some people have a mean streak that can’t be fixed by talking about their feelings. These kinds of people are not worth your time or the misery they cause to others. 

If they try to trick you with a high five you should consider staying well away from them. 

#4 – They Hold Your Hand After A High Five 

Sometimes, you will high five someone and they will interlace their fingers with you and hold your hand after the high five is finished. This may only last for a few seconds but it is worth paying attention to. 

This person may have feelings for you and/or they may want to get to know you better. If they hold your hand for a very short amount of time then this might be a subconscious sign from them. 

If an old friend who you haven’t seen in a long time does this to you, then it might be because they are really happy to see you. 

#5 – They Don’t Like To High Five 

People not liking to high five typically shows that they are very anxious in social situations and even the idea of something as simple as a high five sends them into a panic. 

If someone tells you that they don’t like to be touched or to high five then respect their boundaries. They may eventually get comfortable enough with you to high five, or they may always find it too much. 

You don’t want to make the situation any more stressful than it already is for them.