What business category is a podcast?

When condensing “What business category is a podcast?” Podcasts don’t have any specific business category but generally fall within the media or entertainment industries. The reason podcast fall into the media category is their nature as digital audio content delivered via online platforms. 

However, the specific business category of a podcast depends on its content and purpose. Each podcast can be categorized differently based on its unique focus and subject matter.

In this article, we going to explore the best podcast category, the Benefits of Podcasting for Businesses, and how to start a podcast as a business. When we write this article we gathered information sources like LinkedIn, Podchaser, and Edison

Which Podcast Category is Best in the US?

According to LinkedIn, there are twenty-five top podcast categories. When it comes to determining the best podcast category, it ultimately depends on your interests, goals, and target audience. According to Edison, Comedy is the top Podcast in the US. And also you can know more about categories by going through Podchaser

Here are several common categories to consider. Education and Learning podcasts focus on sharing knowledge, tutorials, and skill development. Business and Entrepreneurship podcasts provide insights, advice, and success stories for aspiring professionals.

Personal Development and Motivation podcasts offer self-improvement tips and motivation. Health and Wellness podcasts cover topics like fitness and mental well-being. Technology and Innovation podcasts explore the latest trends and advancements. Arts and Culture podcasts celebrate art, literature, and music. 

News and Current Affairs podcasts deliver updates and discussions. Lifestyle and Entertainment podcasts cover various hobbies and entertainment news. Science and Research podcasts delve into scientific discoveries. Niche and Specialized podcasts target specific interests such as gaming or parenting.

Exploring the Benefits of Podcasting for Businesses

Podcasting has many advantages. Some are easy to measure, like making money, while others are harder to quantify but still important, like building your brand, connecting with others, and forming relationships.

People like how easy they are to access and prefer convenient things. Now, let’s explore the benefits that podcasting can bring to your business. 

Podcasting builds your brand

In the past, businesses used traditional methods like ads and word of mouth to promote themselves. Nowadays, digital options like blogs and podcasts are available. Both blogs and podcasts let you share your knowledge, build trust, and offer helpful advice. According to Spencer Shaw from PodKick Media, podcasts work well for industries like law, finance, and business services. Sharing knowledge through podcasts doesn’t mean people won’t need your services. It’s like having a cookbook but still enjoying eating out at restaurants.

Personal Connection Through Podcasting

Podcasts create a personal connection. They are informal, trustworthy, and perfect for storytelling. With podcasts, you can engage customers and build relationships. Harness the power of familiar voices to connect with your audience.

Expand Your Reach: Podcasting for New Customer Acquisition

A podcast has the potential to reach a new audience, distinct from those reached through previous advertising and marketing campaigns. This is due to several reasons. Firstly, podcasts attract different individuals compared to blog followers. Secondly, people who consume both media often turn to podcasts when reading is not feasible, such as during exercise, commuting, or daily chores. 

Thirdly, hosting platforms include podcasts in their listings and searches, providing added exposure. Lastly, podcasts that are enjoyable or educational often benefit from word-of-mouth sharing, as passionate listeners eagerly recommend their favorite shows to others.

Podcasts offer content that can be shared on social media platforms

Inviting special guests to your podcast makes it more interesting for listeners and helps you make stronger connections with them. Guests can be experts in their fields, partners in business, or even your own customers.

For example, if you organize events, you can show what happens behind the scenes and talk to organizers, performers, and people who help set up. If you have a store for runners, you can interview professionals like nutritionists, doctors who specialize in sports medicine, and coaches. 

You can also feature successful athletes and share their achievements, which gives your guests and their businesses more recognition. This not only helps you build relationships but also creates opportunities to meet new people and make valuable connections.

How to start a podcast as a job?

Creating a podcast is a way to do something exciting and fun. It can also help you make extra money, improve your resume, and build your personal brand. Many people have started podcasts while still working full-time. I spoke to four individuals who have done it and continue to do it today.

  • Discover Your Concept
  • Develop a Strategy
  • Set Yourself Up for the Future
  • Manage Your Work, Podcast, and Personal Life Harmony

Promoting and Growing Your Podcast

According to our research, promoting a podcast is the best way to use iTunes as the key channel and get more attention. Here’s a list of podcast promotion strategies

Social media promoting

We can work with many social media platforms. We are so lucky. We have more creativity and fun so that we can promote a podcast on the social media platform.

Share and update that you want a podcast program, then pin your episodes on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes. Create a quote image and share it also. To create the image, you can use Canva or Pablo. Also, create 15-second soundbite clips for sharing on Twitter.

According to the Buffer website, there have two concepts:

  • At least 3-5 days, release several podcasts
  • Before launching a podcast, build your audience

Also, if you want to know more about it, you can learn through the Buffer website.


Podcasting is a great way to share knowledge, connect with others, and build your brand. With different podcast categories like education, business, personal development, and health, there’s something for everyone. Podcasting allows for personal connections, reaching new audiences, and sharing content on social media. By featuring guests and their stories, you can create engaging content and make valuable connections. So, why not start your podcasting journey and enjoy the amazing benefits it brings?


What business category is a podcast

Typically, it belongs to the media or entertainment sectors.

What are the benefits of podcasts in business?

Podcasts and blogs offer similar advantages. They both let you share your knowledge and skills, helping you establish trust and credibility. You can provide advice, insights, tips, and personal experiences related to your work, demonstrating your expertise.

Is a podcast considered a business?

If your podcast makes money, it is a business

Is podcasting part of marketing?

It’s a valuable tool in your content marketing toolkit that can help increase engagement and enhance the growth of your brand.

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