What are the strengths and weaknesses of Warwick in League of Legends?

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Warwick is a Tank Jungler known for his excellent engagement potential. Warwick’s strengths lie in the effectiveness of its ultimate, Iron Man, which grants him bonus resistances and armor. His weakness is inconsistency at levels 1-5 because he falls off late game.

Warwick excels in team fights with his great damage and a large amount of knockback/stun potential with axes. He also has a global ultimate that allows him to clear minion waves quickly while staying out of harm’s way until he recharges from its cooldown period.

 Warwick’s kit is well-suited for jungling because of his high base health and damage, allowing him to survive the early game. However, Warwick struggles out of lanes at 1 -5, where he lacks early clears and large amounts of mana. After this, he scales well into the mid-late game but doesn’t have as much pressure to go back to lane until he gets enough gold.

Warwick’s Biggest Strength & Weakness

Warwick’s biggest strength is his huge jungle presence combined with his ability to quickly take down neutral monsters and turrets due to his existence range. Warwick also does not disappear when using Iron Man because it grants bonus health upon activation and an effect on nearby minions (more on that later). 

Warwick’s big weakness is that Warwick doesn’t have a unique mechanic to maintain lane pressure. Instead, he takes the lane wave with his ultimate and spins to the next. Because he doesn’t have enough damage to generate kills, he must rely heavily on his zone control and food sustain.

Warwick’s Speciality

We’ll be going through Warwick jungle path and itemization, as well as an example of effective play. We’ll also go over some potential items that we think will be interesting to try out with this guide.

The biggest thing that makes Warwick capable of killing neutral monsters rapidly is his passive, Eternal Thirst. It allows Warwick to leech 60% of the damage dealt back as health, with a 1% healing cap per second. After the first cast of Hunter’s Call (W), you can refresh your cooldown for the next few minutes by using Q on it for a decent amount of damage on higher-health targets. Then when you use Q again to finish off the neutral monster, it will hit almost twice as hard due to its high base damage and double cast time applied to monsters.

Warwick’s kit is centered around its sustain. His W, Hunter’s Call, allows him to deal a large amount of damage over some time with the bonus damage from his passive. However, it has a very short range and cooldown, making it extremely hard to farm or kill neutral monsters. The best way I’ve found to use this spell is as an engaging ability or for last hitting (activate it as soon as the minion takes enough damage from your auto-attack).

Tips and Tricks for the Warwick Jungle

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  • Warwick is a truly royal jungle and one of the standout champs for advancing from low ranks, as he offers a great card load. If you hold the jaws of the beast, Warwick can deny CC and sprint towards the opposing champion if they flash, blink, or enthusiasm – many players do not understand this as they press the crucial Q without really guarding it!
  •  An excellent method is to run up to an opponent, trigger a Primitive Howl, and hit them with the beast’s claws as you drag them past the back of the opponent. Reactivating Primitive Howl deters Warwick’s opponent and brings them close to your turn.
  •  Warwick’s jungle-free effect is terrible except for Tiamat, so stay away from the raptor and jug camps until you have offered one.
  • Horizonless Constraint’s variation will increase with Warwick’s stirring speed. Use this to your advantage by casting Blood Hunt before a swindle to get a boost in speed.

Warwick Jungle Path—five camps cleared with a Red Buff start

The pro-Warwick jungle route could be a quick jungle clear with five camps, allowing the Warwick participant to gain dominance over the watercourse scuttler, penetrate, or perhaps run a quick swindle in the early game.

 This Warwick jungle clear starts with the crimson buff, with Warwick choosing the beast’s claws as its first ability. Thanks to Warwick’s fearsome AoE camp clear exclusion demigoddess, a consulting Warwick participant constantly ignores the jug and raptor camps within the terribly initial jungle route. After killing the Red Brambleback, Warwick activates Blood Hunt, which increases attack speed on half-healthy enemies, and heads to the Blue Buffalo side of the map to take down Wolves, Blue Buffalo, and the group. This gives him Grade 3, unlocks Primal Howl, and sets him up for battle. Warwick is often in the water run, around the 2:50 mark. This gives Warwick twenty-five seconds to ambush the enemy jungle or quickly tank a lane before the Scuttler spawns.

This jungle clear from Warwick is great because it is very fast, and the WW ends up on the best priority side of the water run, allowing him to ambush the enemy jungle easily.

Warwick Jungle Path – five camp clear with a Blue Buff beginning

Completing the Perfect Jungle Path in League of Legends

This jungle path with the public boss is similar to the master’s in that it is also a 5-camp clear, but it starts with the Blue Buffalo. If you kill the Blue Buffalo with the Beast’s Claws and open the Blood Hunt to level 2, your next camps are the Wolves and the Group. This will take you to level 3 and open up the Primal Howl spell, which you can use to pressure your enemies.

 This spell is great for ganking, as you can control your enemies’ progress by running, bursting after them. Now you have the choice to quickly gank the focus path and go to the Red Buff, or skip steals until you kill the Red Buff. With the Red Buff’s demise, you’ll be done with wild clearing frighteningly quickly. This additionally gives you an optimal chance to trick or attack ways before moving towards the Scuttler.

As the wild riverside clearing ends with a grounded enemy retreat, starting Blue Buffalo allows the Scuttler to spend much more time on Red Buffalo and steal very quickly.


Warwick is one of the strongest duelists in League of Legends, with very few weaknesses. While his steals can be inconsistent, Warwick’s ability to outplay and kill his opponents makes up for it. He relies on how well he can position himself and devastate an enemy carry with a full combo.