What Are the Most Common Problems in Writing a Research Paper?

Writing a research paper is not always easy. It could be difficult for students starting the task for the first time to overcome some obstacles. The publication is essential for tenure for faculty members on the tenure track. Many of us, however, do not naturally possess the ability to write a research paper.

When the subject is complicated, it can be challenging for many students to compile pertinent evidence. You could run into several different problems when writing a research report. Examine the most common among them below:

10 Most Common Problems in Writing a Research Paper

Do you want to know about the most common problems in writing a research paper? Have a look:

1. Selecting the Right Topic

Before writing a research paper, ask yourself questions. Are you interested in the topic? Do you know enough about it? Do you have the tools necessary to write about such a topic? There are many research paper topics shared on various online sites. You won’t have trouble selecting a topic if you carefully consider the above mentioned aspects.

Once you have surmounted this obstacle, all future obstacles will seem insignificant. The right academic choice can be challenging for many pupils. Find the right advice to help you choose a subject that will be easy for you to write about.

2. Problem with Proper Formatting

Always make sure you properly read the author’s guidelines before submitting your manuscript to a publisher. Before submitting, do your research and carefully read the instructions. This can help you avoid several stylistic errors in addition to assisting you in properly arranging your work.

You can also see freshly published journal articles on the journal’s website. Writing the instructions on the page will be simpler if you do this. But if there is a discrepancy between the author’s requirements and the journal’s published works, always abide by the standards.

3. Issues in Gathering Data

Data collection can be fairly difficult, especially for primary data studies. Getting data from the source can occasionally take some time. You might need to request permission from the necessary person. Occasionally, these organizations may take longer to approve or reject your request.

You must ensure that the data required for the study writing is accessible. To obtain permission, you must also get in touch with the appropriate authorities as soon as you can.

4. Complicated Terminology

To write a quality research paper, avoid highly technical language and difficult vocabulary. Keep your wording simple while taking into account the reader’s perspective. The reader will continue to be interested in your paper as a result.

Avoid writing too much and redundantly. If you need to define a term in your paper more than once, be creative and consult a thesaurus.

5. Lack of Referencing and Credits

References are an important part of your research paper. They prove the authenticity of the information shared. Three factors must be kept in mind when working with references: (1) Format all references uniformly in accordance with the appropriate journal style

(2) List all references that were referenced in the text at the end of the article

(3) Credit all references listed in the text, if accessible. By doing this, you will improve the discoverability of both your study and the cited sources.

You can check a research paper online to get an idea of adding a proper citation.

6. Selection of the Right Methodology

The creation of research questions is the initial step. The technique is chosen after carefully examining the procedure used in your research report rather than focusing purely on personal preference. Selecting the best methodology for your research paper can be difficult.

Additionally, you must answer each question accurately. The responses to the research questions will guide your research methods. Your study subjects will determine whether you should employ a qualitative or quantitative research methodology.

7. Not Including Limitations

The comment portion of your article, which is open to readers, contains what you believe your results indicate for the direction of your research and possible areas for expansion.

Readers will be interested in your limitations, ideas for improving your research, and how they affect your research topic. Limitations show how well you have considered your methods and results.

8. Not Addressing the Research Question

Your work will be useless if you don’t address the research problem. The reader would read your essay to learn what solution you had proposed. The discussion part can be the most challenging to write because it provides the most alternatives.

Reread your research question and consider how you want to respond to it before beginning this section. As you are drafting the discussion, keep returning to your research question.

9. Lack of an Impactful Argument

To produce a powerful research report, you must demonstrate your familiarity with the subject. By applying the appropriate justification, you provide in your essay; you can achieve this goal. You must present a solid and suitable defence.

For it to be taken seriously, you must back it up with facts and figures. Review what you can remember about the subject by going to a library. Examine scholarly writings, journals, and earlier work in the area. The internet can be used to learn other things.

10. Issues in Proofreading

Every student who is writing a research paper has this common difficulty. If you want an A on your research paper, you must ensure that your writing is great and devoid of mistakes. Therefore, careful editing and proofreading are required. Even after reviewing your work several times, you might not always be able to see the errors.

Consequently, you must have a third-party edit and proofread your writing. It may be a co-worker, a friend or a business partner. Both offline and online, professional writers are accessible to help with these services.


Writing a research paper requires knowing the proper format, obtaining information, and handling all the above issues. It won’t be tough to create it once you are fully aware.