What Are the Design Latest Trends for Swimming Pools

What Are the Design Latest Trends for Swimming Pools?

If you are in the market for unique trends, it will do you well to stay abreast of current swimming pool designs. Homeowners often have dull pools because they presume simple is safe and are likely unaware of the many modern pool design options.

Unfortunately, many pool companies are unhelpful when you are searching for a unique pool design since it saves them time and effort to opt for constructing the same stock pool design. However, there are companies out there who will listen to your desires, so here is an inspirational list of modern swimming pool designs for 2023.

You Can Explore More Than the Commonplace Shallow-To-Deep Route

The days of accepting a pool with a deep end on one side and a shallow end on the other are over. Instead, your pool can be designed with deep water in the middle and shallow water on both sides. These are often mistaken for party pools.

However, it is very dependent on the intended purpose of the pool. Another popular design choice is adding a diving board or other deep end to swimming pools. Ideally, your pool would be at least 2.4 meters deep so that you could dive into it.

However, others prefer an “all-deep” pool with only one depth. The current fashion is toward deeper pools. Active homeowners who want to utilise their pool for entertainment and exercise sometimes choose a variant of this design known as a “sports pool.”

Sports like volleyball, basketball, and even water aerobics call for a certain minimum depth before being played. Such a pool is ideal for lap swimmers who do not want to risk touching the bottom.

Illuminate the Pool for A Swim at Night

The days when pools only had a single light at one end are long gone. Customised lighting for swimming pools is a current trend. Even after the sun has set, homeowners may enjoy their pools best by installing LED lighting. You do not have to limit your swimming or pool time to daylight hours.

When your pool is adequately illuminated, midnight swimming may be another experience. Lighting serves a valuable purpose. You must be able to see while swimming. It entails illuminating the pool and surroundings so they may be securely traversed.

However, pool lights can also be aesthetically pleasing. In the evening, you can illuminate the room with a beautiful, distinctive appearance. Installing lighting in various hues can create a fantastic atmosphere in your backyard.

Saltwater Pools

Many pool owners mistakenly believe chlorine is the sole solution for their water sanitation needs. Chlorinated pools are still the primary emphasis of many pool contractors. In reality, however, most of the pools designed are saltwater pools, providing several advantages.

Using salt water to maintain a clean pool is a greener option. Regular pools require lots of chlorine to stay sanitary, whereas saltwater is healthier and gentler on the skin. Perhaps even beneficial to the skin. There are a variety of minerals in saltwater that help keep skin healthy, and this has long been known. The added benefit is that it replicates the sensation of swimming in a beach setting.

Ozone pools are a relatively recent innovation that some contractors are also implementing. Although less prevalent, chlorine can still be found in saltwater pools (considerably less than in a traditional pool). However, an ozone pool is a way to go if you or a family member has delicate skin or is allergic to chlorine. No chlorine is necessary thanks to the ozone generator used for sanitation.


If these trends in swimming pool design could be summed up in a single sentence, you are not confined to classic pool design concepts. By selecting a bespoke gunite pool, you can go outside the box and design something uniquely yours.

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Written by Joshua White

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