What Are the Best Programming Languages That I Should Master in 2021?

Are you interested in learning a skill that looks great on your resume? If so, you might want to consider learning how to code. 

Knowing how to program makes you a stand-out candidate for a number of fantastic jobs. Besides being interesting and allowing you to work at the forefront of technology, many of these jobs also pay a lot.

For example, the average software engineer salary is $87,293

However, to make money from programming, you’re going to need to practice. To ensure that you start on the right track, we’ve compiled this list of the best programming languages. 

All of them are beginner-friendly and well worth investing your time into. 

Read on to learn about the best computer languages that will help you become a coding master. 


If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly language that also allows you to do a lot, look no further than Python. Its syntax is clear and easy to read, making it a great choice for people who have little to no coding experience. 

Python lets you do everything from build websites to design software applications. It also has a massive community of other programmers that you can turn to for advice and recommendations whenever you want. 


C# (pronounced as “C Sharp”) is another popular language. Originally designed to work alongside Microsoft, it has expanded to encompass other areas in recent years. 

C# is an excellent choice for people who want to get into VR or Microsoft app development. It shares a lot in common with other C languages like C++. If you have experience with those, you’ll have no problem picking up C#. 

C# also has a massive community. By choosing to learn the language, you’ll be able to get help from people whenever you need it. They can help you do anything from open your first source file to use Tesseract OCR in C#.

Many people now a days shows more interest towards swift, general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc.You can check this guide on how to learn swift language.


JavaScript is, without a doubt, one of the most popular computer programming languages. Most developers use it for front-end web development. 

YouTube, Facebook, and Gmail are some of the many sites that rely on JavaScript to run. By taking the time to learn it, you’ll develop a set of skills that allow you to create similarly rich and intuitive websites. 

JavaScript is another beginner-friendly language. Its syntax is clear and straightforward, works on all browsers, and has a huge community of experts that you can learn from. 

Take Advantage of the Best Programming Languages

If you’re thinking about getting into programming, it’s important to go into it with a plan. And, while all computer languages are valuable in some way, some are more useful than others.

Make a point to learn one or more of the best programming languages mentioned in this guide. All of them have large followings and are easy to jump into. 

Do you now have a better idea of which languages can help you learn computer programming? If so, make sure to check out the rest of our site for more great content.