What are the best medical schools in the Caribbean and what are their tuition fees?

Anyone picturing the Caribbean region in their mind thinks of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and diverse marine life. The Caribbean Islands attract thousands of tourists every year owing to their picturesque beauty and natural appeal.

However, the Caribbean Islands are also famous for another reason—the presence of several world class medical education institutions. There are many renowned medical universities situated on these islands that offer a similar standard of medical education as the USA at much cheaper medical school tuition.

There are several other benefits of choosing a well-known Caribbean medical college. These colleges attract international students from across the world. Therefore, you are sure to gain a well-rounded academic experience. Additionally, most of these colleges have partnerships with American and Canadian teaching hospitals for their students’ clinical postings.

Therefore, studying from a renowned Caribbean college can ensure you develop all the relevant practical medical skills through clinical postings in top-class medical centers.

Finally, most Caribbean medical schools do not have very stringent entry criteria as compared to medical colleges in the USA or Canada. This allows students to effortlessly apply and choose the right academic environment for themselves.

Georgetown American University

The Georgetown American University is in Georgetown, Guyana and was established in 2013. The university offers a wide range of pre-medical and MD degrees and has affiliations with all the major hospitals in Guyana.

The medical degrees offered here have affordable tuition fees starting from $11,000. The university also sends its students to the Wyckoff Hospital in the USA and the Royal Queens College in Canada.

American International Medical University

The American International Medical University is situated in St. Lucia and was established in 2007. The school collaborates with other medical colleges in the US and Canada to provide support programs and accredited medical degrees.

The prime features of this medical school include a high staff-to-student ratio, personalized attention, and focus on world-class academics. The tuition fees of the programs offered here start from $6,000.

All Saints University School of Medicine

The All-Saints University School of Medicine, located in Roseau, Dominica, is renowned as one of the most affordable medical schools in the region. It is also one of the few schools that have direct link with medical schools in Toronto.

This school was established in 2006 and has grown into a world-renowned medical education institution not just in the Caribbean but across the world. The MD tuition fees start from $4,000 per semester.

All American Institute of Medical Sciences

The All-American Institute of Medical Sciences is in St. Elizabeth Parish on the beautiful island of Jamaica. The school is known for its picturesque location, state-of-the-art facilities, and international academic standards. The tuition fees of the MD programs offered here also start from $4,000 per semester.

Apart from these universities, there are several others like the Medical University of the Americas, Saba University School of Medicine and St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine that provide quality education at affordable prices.

Invest in a good Caribbean medical program today to establish a successful medical practice in the future.