What Are The Benefits Of Watching Movies?

What Are The Benefits Of Watching Movies

Few people focus on the benefits of watching movies but concentrate on the negatives. To some, watching movies is unproductive and encourages violent behavior.

While that could be true, there are lots of incredible positives, too.

And there are benefits no matter what genre or type of movie you enjoy watching. Nature or historical documentaries are inherently educational. But there’s a lot to gain from watching spine-tingling horror or teary rom-com movies, too.

Here are some of the key benefits of watching movies at home or in a movie theater. No matter what types of movies you like to watch!

Brings Awareness to Social Issues

There’s no denying that movies, especially big-budget blockbusters, generate conversations around current issues.

Yes, the press also helps to bring awareness to societal issues. But the majority of people generally pay more attention to movies.

Here are some examples of films that bring awareness to social issues:

  • BlacKkKlansman (2018) spotlights white supremacy and racial prejudice
  • Beats Per Minute (2017) focuses on the AIDs epidemic and LGBTQ+ issues
  • Wind River (2017) brought awareness to the high number of assaults against indigenous women 
  • Leave No Trace (2018) brings focus to veterans experiencing homelessness and PTSD
  • The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020) highlights judicial and racial injustice

Some of these films are set in the past but they have parallels with present-day issues. And even though some movies are based on true stories, they are not documentaries and aren’t supposed to be factual.

One of the key benefits of watching movies about social issues is to experience another point of view. Social issue movies bring awareness while entertaining and engaging viewers.

Improves Mood and Relieves Stress

You arrive home at the end of a long workday. You kick off your shoes and sink into your couch to watch your favorite movie or TV show. And you instantly feel relaxed.

Why? Because one of the main advantages of watching movies is its ability to improve mood and reduce stress. And often the genre of the movie will influence the benefit you receive.

For example, laughing is an instant stress-reliever and this is a scientific fact. So, don’t let anyone tell you watching an Adam Sandler comedy is dumb. It’s a healthy, stress-busting movie choice.

Watching a romcom or sad movie can also provide an emotional release. A good crying session can lessen stress or the symptoms of burnout.

So, if your boyfriend doesn’t want to watch The Notebook (2004) again, tell him it’s for your health.

And if you are experiencing anxiety or feel out of control, rewatching a beloved movie or TV show helps. It provides feelings of comfort and safety in an unpredictable environment.

Easily Accessible Entertainment

This is one of the obvious advantages of watching movies. But it’s one of the best! Movies provide easily accessible entertainment for a huge chunk of the world’s population.

First, movies are a hands-free, low-maintenance form of entertainment. You can eat while watching a movie, iron, shave, or paint your nails. Anything you like!

Watching movies is also a great communal activity. Whether you’re hanging out with friends, babysitting your niece, or enjoying a low-key date night. Movies are an easily accessible form of entertainment.

Plus, movies are more accessible than ever. There are so many streaming services available. For a few dollars a month, you can have access to thousands of movies from action to animation.

Platforms like HBO Go Now, for example, are less than $20 a month for thousands of films and TV shows. Most streaming services are accessible on a variety of devices, too.

Provides Inspiration and Encouragement 

Feeling stuck in a rut? Or experiencing a slump in motivation? One of the benefits of movies is how inspirational they can be.

Movies are a form of storytelling that most closely mimics reality. So, it’s much easier to imagine yourself in the shoes of a film character than it is a book character. 

Here are some examples of excellent inspiring and encouraging movies:

  • The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
  • Wild (2014)
  • Rocky (1976)
  • Julie & Julia (2009)
  • Chariots of Fire (1981)

All these movies feature characters that have to overcome obstacles to achieve a goal. They work hard, experience setbacks, persevere and succeed.

But movies can be inspiring in different ways. They don’t have to be huge or life-changing.

If P.S. I Love You (2007) simply inspires you to visit Ireland, then that’s awesome! It’s still a fantastic advantage of watching that movie.

Creates Shared Community Experiences

Finally, one of the best movie benefits is the shared, community experiences they bring. They are such a well-loved medium around the world. So, you are far more likely to bond with others over movies than fine art or fashion.

Many friendships are built on a shared love of Star Wars or Marvel movies. You can watch the movies, talk about them, and attend events like Comic Conventions together.

A love of foreign cinema can allow you to connect with other people from around the world. It could motivate you to learn another language and even move abroad.

Movies also have the power to connect you with people outside of your social bubbles and in different generations. For example, teachers may connect with their young students over Pixar or Disney movies. And Grandparents may connect with their grandchildren over James Bond.

The relationships formed and communities created from movies offer endless benefits.

Reap the Benefits of Watching Movies

Those are some of the main benefits of watching movies. They are a powerful and essential art form. Movies have the ability to inspire, inform, and entertain large groups of people all at once. 

This means they play a necessary role in modern society.

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