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If you want to bet using your smartphone but don’t want to download and install any applications, you will probably want to learn more about mobile betting websites. Pretty much every online casino and sports betting operator has a dedicated mobile website that punters can use just by opening their mobile browsers.

Due to the fact that there is no need to install and update the app, most users who don’t have enough free time prefer using the site. While it is true that the app has some advantages over the mobile site, such as more casino games, there are also some downsides.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why some bettors prefer mobile apps.

The mobile site automatically receives the latest updates

Every company wants to improve its products over time, and gambling websites are no exception. That’s why if you visit and download the Betfred app on your device, you will eventually have to update it to use the latest innovations.

Although this is usually a pretty fast process, some people do not want to go through it. Therefore, they prefer to use the operator’s mobile website, which automatically receives the latest updates. 

While it is true that you won’t have to update the mobile website, you may have to use the latest version of your browser in order to avail yourself of the latest features. In other words, you will have to update something at some point.

The mobile websites don’t use any storage space on your device

Besides updating the app, people who want to download and install the Betfred app on their smartphones or tablets also need to take their storage space into account. Depending on which device you’re on, you may not be able to use a memory card to expand the storage. Consequently, you have to be careful not to use all of it because this will inevitably have an effect on your device’s capabilities.

Luckily, this is not something that you have to worry about if you use the bookie/casino’s mobile website. All of them are optimized to work across every mobile browser, which is why you don’t even have to download a third-party one if you don’t want to.

In rare cases, the mobile site may have more functions than the app

Even though it is usually the other way around, some betting platforms know that the majority of their users prefer to bet on the go via their mobile website. That’s why they add all sorts of additional benefits, such as special features, exclusive payment options, and unique casino games.

If the bookie/casino does not state whether its mobile website offers something unique, you need to download the app for Android and iOS and put it to the test. Sometimes, there will be some subtle design changes, but you may have the chance to try out several additional sections.

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