What are the benefits of silk sheets?

Silk sheets can help you get a better and more comfortable night’s sleep, prevent premature ageing and wrinkles, and also because silk doesn’t absorb body moisture as cotton does. They keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. In addition, the proteins found in silk protect against harmful UV rays from the sun (cotton is said to block about 20% of UVA/UVB) and aid in cell regeneration for fewer wrinkles.

Nowadays, it becomes increasingly difficult to find pure silk sheets since more synthetic materials are substitutes, if you want to buy the best silk sheets you can buy them straight from sleepingmentor.com. But, on the other hand, silk bedding has become very popular among many celebrities who swear by them. But what are these benefits all about, and what makes silk sheets so unique?

What is silk?

Silk is a natural product that is made from the fibres of the mulberry silkworm (scientific name: Bombyx mori). The silk filaments are obtained by removing the chrysalis from the cocoons where the caterpillars live. 

This process requires both time and care because it must be done exceptionally delicately while the worms are still alive. Silkworms have been bred for thousands of years in China to produce up to six kilograms of raw silk a year. It’s not easy, though, since each worm makes just a kilometre-long thread that can only be used after being spun into an even thinner filament with a diameter between 1 and 5 micrometres.

The exceptional properties of silk provide the ideal conditions for sleeping: 

Silk does not absorb sweat and body moisture, which keeps you warm during cold nights and cool during hot nights. It has a luxurious softness and smoothness that makes it an excellent natural material with insulating properties like no other. It absorbs humidity by drawing in up to 30% of its weight without feeling damp, thus providing perfect thermal insulation against both cold and heat.

A person sleeping with silk bedding will experience better sleep without disturbances such as sweating or discomfort from body contact with the mattress. Some people even report less snoring when they switch to silk bedding because there isn’t as much opportunity for their mouth to drop open and block the airway.

Silk also promotes good sleep because it provides a perfect microclimate next to your body by allowing your skin to breathe, unlike synthetics like polyester, which makes you feel sticky and hot. This is why silk has been used for centuries as an aid to relaxation. It’s also hypoallergenic; dust mites that feed on human skin scales cannot live in pure silk (400 times finer than a human hair), making it ideal for people with allergies or asthma.

Don’t forget that since silk doesn’t absorb body moisture, it can help prevent wrinkles on your face and other parts of your body as you sleep because there will be no friction between your skin and whatever you’re lying on. For women, this is particularly relevant because it can help prevent the formation of wrinkles from sleeping on your side.

In addition, silk doesn’t stretch out of shape or shrink in the wash, and it keeps its softness far longer than cotton does, which means that it’s a long-lasting material for sheets and pillowcases. 

Silk naturally contains an antibacterial substance called sericin (it also has wound healing properties) which inhibits odours caused by bacteria. This means your bedding will smell fresher for longer. And don’t forget that pure silk is naturally flame resistant, prices increase according to how many times it’s been boiled (this treatment must be carried out after every harvest to strengthen the silk filament).

Finally, did you know that silk is more robust than steel? But it’s also incredibly light, so even though your sheets are strong, they won’t feel heavy. So, if you are planning to buy the best silk sheets you can buy them from SLEEPINGMENTOR.COM and have a quality bedding experience.

How do I choose my best silk bedding?

Nowadays, you can find all kinds of products made using pure silk fibres, which means that not only will you get something soft to sleep on. But it can be hypoallergenic too. If you suffer from different allergies or asthma, look for 100% pure mulberry silk (Bombyx Silk), which comes in many different varieties: sateen (smooth and shiny), jacquard (with a raised weave design), gauze (lightweight with a sheer look), thermal (for warmth in winter) and many more which you can easily buy from the SLEEPINGMENTOR.COM.

For people who love the silky feel of pure silk but can’t afford to replace every bedding set they own with 100% mulberry silk products, there are several alternative options available, including:

a two-sided pillowcase made from a blend of 50% mulberry silk and 50% cotton, which means you get all the benefits of sleeping on silk with a lower price tag. This option is suitable for customers in Europe where 100% of the product is hard to find

Two-sided sheets or duvet covers are made from 50% or 70% mulberry silk and 30%-50% bamboo viscose rayon (viscose has similar properties as cotton). This option is great for those with a limited budget but who can’t bear to sleep without silk bedding

Three-sided products use mulberry silk on one side and polyester or viscose rayon on the other two sides. These products are not as silky as pure silk, but they’re very comfortable. They also tend to be reasonably priced. This option is suitable for customers in South East Asia, where 100% of the product is hard to find

But what if I want something more than just sheets?

You don’t have to stop at just buying your perfect set of sheets or pillowcases because you can also buy everything else you need to get the best night’s sleep possible. For example, if your mattress isn’t comfortable enough, you can buy a pre-made silk or cashmere mattress topper or make one yourself by purchasing a quilted blanket with the same properties. If it still isn’t that soft for you, you can buy silk batting in bulk online and make your own.

If you’re looking for something other than bedding that will help you sleep better, why not consider buying some best pillows from SLEEPINGMENTOR.COM? They come in all shapes and sizes, including regular ones (usually filled with down) and travel pillows. 

You can also buy masks to block out any light when you want to get some extra shut-eye during the day. And don’t forget about eye masks which are perfect for people who work night shifts or have to get up early in the morning when it’s dark outside.

Silk is also used for scarves, wraps, and shawls, worn during sleep if you feel cold at night. There are even silk pyjamas out there. But don’t spend too much on these items because any loose-fitting clothing will do the trick. Also, make sure your clothes are made from natural materials not to irritate your skin or cause you to sweat during the night (which can lead to restlessness).


Ready? SeT Sleep!

 Silk is a perfect fabric for bedding because it’s soft, lightweight, and breathable. In addition, it can help regulate your temperature as you sleep, which means you’ll always feel comfortable. Even if you’re sleeping in an air-conditioned room or on a hot summer night.

That should be everything you need to know about sleeping better with pure silk bedding, for more information visit the SLEEPINGMENTOR.COM.