What Are Crypto Games?

The era of advanced technology has combined having fun and making money in parallel. Many platforms like Slothunter provide thousands of games to enjoy and add gems of the gaming world to their libraries every day. So, it is realistic to have fun and earn simultaneously. This opportunity seems hard to come by! Yet, gamers nowadays amuse themselves with bright projects and sustainable profits systematically. And if you have yet to discover the potential of crypto gaming, it is advisable to unveil its terminology and essence beforehand. 

Designation and Interpretation 

The combination of words in this term is self-explanatory. Gaming is the base, but now it involves cryptocurrency. So, usually in games, people can attain only in-game currencies. Yet, with blockchain, players now can use obtained resources in other projects. 

Mostly, gamers must merely play and advance in a game to obtain more and more coins. Some games allow making Bitcoins, some help players attain Ethereum, and some specialize in other currencies. Tokens can be anything, from classics like BTC to mid-cap tokens like Ankr or DigiByte. Of course, not all games will allow making Holo or Aave solely. Some projects specialize in a certain coin, and some permit using and making several coins. 

Positively Confusing Variety of Games 

The digital universe has no boundaries and restrictions. Thus, no wonder that players encounter an issue of confusing plurality of choice. Some crypto games resemble Hearthstone, some offer gameplay like Pokémon Go, and some are like The World of Tanks. So, if you are a fan of The Sims, you will have zero issues with finding a simulator that will allow you to make crypto. 

There are even sandbox projects that allow players to implement their original concepts and earn for that. The brightest example of such games would be the Sandbox — with its reasonable designation. So, if you want a Dark Souls crypto game but cannot find one, you can create your unique moody dark-fantasy universe independently. 

Gambling is another valid form of crypto gaming. Some cryptocurrency havers prefer this method as it does not involve tedious tasks like most multiplayer games do. Yet, gambling has its distinctive risks. 

Features of Multiplayer Crypto Games That Might Amuse or Irritate You

Positives first 

The positives of crypto gaming are evident. First and foremost, gaming is the source of amusement and sometimes pleasant communication. It is optimal to list the positives: 

  • Gamers can use their art skills in sandboxes and contribute to digital universe growth; 
  • Casual players can find tons of undemanding projects and have mere fun; 
  • Some games help grow analytical and strategical skills; 
  • Many gaming communities allow making friends, getting advisory assistance from, gaming adepts. 

Drawbacks Still

So, crypto games are fun, enjoyable, and stuff. Yet, there are always peculiarities that irritate gamers. And the list of them is:

  • Constant grinding. Many games do not allow stable advancement if you do not spend hours clearing the same locations again and again. That is an issue of many non-crypto games too, like Dark Souls and Genshin Impact. So, whenever a player wants to advance, they must re-clear the same places and accumulate tons of resources for a modest upgrade. 
  • Pay-to-Win situations and projects. Many games will empty your pockets if you want adequate and enjoyable gameplay. Yet, crypto games are more merciful in this matter as they allow making more than you donate. 
  • Griefers (aka deceivers and pals that lack decorum). Although, this element is not a developer’s mistake. Griefers are players that like “pranking”, but their pranks might hurt others. For instance, a griefer would destroy others’ in-game constructions. And those might be the most significant objects for lucrative profit-making. The only method of fighting them is mere banning and reporting. 

Gambling Projects: Wins and Risks 

For those who enjoy casinos, crypto slots are the first choice. Online slots have original designs, trouble-free gameplays, and sometimes even compelling plots. 

How to Profit 

Making money with slots is not a myth. To attain profit from them, pro gamblers take into account: 

  • RTP of every project they fancy. Return to Player rate (RTP) is the indicator that tells how much money a player is likely to get back after spinning. Diamonds of the slot realm offer 95+ percents of RTP. That would be games like Book of Shadows (96.5%) or games about Rich Wilde (95–96.5% depending on an episode). Some games would even offer 99% of RTP. Well, if a game has more than 90%, it is adequate for making money. The payout might be small, but it will be a guaranteed one. 
  • The rules and controls of a game. Some games allow adjusting the lines, and some do not. A particular slot will leave deciding the value of an in-game currency to a player, and another will determine it alone. All those peculiarities are never a secret. A player must merely read them before starting. 
  • The developer. Some developers create merciful slots that never empty the pockets of a player. Well, some developers deliberately make everything to steal the maximum. 
  • Permissible losses. Every gambler must not only dream about attaining billions out of one slot. Adepts always make sure they have enough resources to spend to snatch a pleasant win later. 
  • The limits. Setting a personal limit is a necessity. Some slots make gamers unnerved, and the only method of fighting addiction and irrationality is to stop. 

How to lose your last stashes 

Here is how you get to mindless spinning and throw away your last dime on a casino: 

  • Ignore your limits. Spin again and again. Forget that your last stash lies there so you can pay rent. Spend it, come on. 
  • Forget the RTP. Yeah, do not take a look at this indicator. Let it be 60%. 
  • Do not research a slot website. Yeah, who even reads official documents and terms of use? Only nerds. Real menaces do not read, they accept the terms instantly!!

So, are Crypto Games Worth Your Attention? 

If you are an actual or a former gamer who welcomes innovation, then the answer is a solid yes. Sure, all games have distinctive features, so there are no versatile guides to all projects. The most significant thing is to not surrender after stumbling on the first terms of crypto gamer’s glossary. Well, giving up after the first defeat or loss is not a way either if you want to make money with crypto games.