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With the right online tool, you can seamlessly convert webm to mp4 and enjoy all your favorite videos offline without any issues. Videos are one of the finest entertainment pieces out there on the web but that’s on the web, and it’s get more exciting when they can be enjoyed offline.

Whether it’s for learning purposes or just for the fun, enjoying your videos offline is the best because you can watch them wherever you are and whenever you want. There’s no need for an internet connection and it plays freely on your device.

This is why we are talking about the conversion from Webm to mp4, and evano website is our focus. With the site you can carry out these conversions easily.

But before we go into that, let’s understand why the conversion is necessary by exploring the details of both Webm and mp4 file formats.

What’s a Webm File?

Think of all the videos you’re watching online and on YouTube and you can have an idea of what a Webm file is all about. They are file extensions that are built for the web by Google. This means they are designed to play online and when you download them, you are downloading products of online streaming which will make them appear in the Webm file format suited for their purpose online.

Now they are made for the web, so if you try playing them offline after downloading, you won’t get the flexibility, the sound optimal production, subtitles and some other benefits of using a regular file format like the mp4.

All of these boils down to one point- webm files are not meant for offline purposes and in most cases, using them offline will require you to download a plugin which just culminates into a longer process.

You are left with the option to convert to MP4 and enjoy the videos for as much as you want.

Why It Becomes Necessary To Convert Webm To Mp4

The MP4 file format is the best and most versatile video format in the world. It can play offline if converted from Webm and can play on almost all devices while running on different operating systems. It’s best suited for offline purposes as opposed to webm and offer incredible features like subtitles, high resolutions, playlist synchronization, sound quality and many others.

You can also share these mp4 files easily to family and friends so they can join with you in the fun. You can watch your videos when and wherever you are without any challenges using the mp4 file format. This is why it’s important that you convert Webm to mp4.

With that explanation, let’s look at how you can convert your favorite videos downloaded in the Webm formats to MP4 easily and without gulping all your time.

How To Convert Webm To Mp4 Using Evano.

Evano is online platform that allows for the seamless conversions of Webm files to MP4 among other features that it offers. It’s super easy to use, offers limitless conversions and one of the best online converter tools that’s free of charge.

All you need is a stable internet connection and you are good to go.

The steps below will guide you on how to use evano to convert your videos.

Step 1: Go to the site in your web browser and the site will open in a matter of seconds. You can either open the site on your mobile phone or laptop/desktop. However, the best experience comes when using a desktop or laptop because of a wider view.

Step 2: When the site is open, you’ll find a large blue tab at the center of the page with the caption “Choose File” kindly click on it to select the webm file in your device storage system. You can also click, drag and drop the file in the “Choose File” tab. Either way, it will take you to the next step.

Step 3: After selecting the file that you want to convert, it will be displayed at the left hand side while other options will be beside it. Simply choose the MP4 option and click on “Convert” just like you can see in the image below.

Step 4: You will have to wait for a couple of seconds for the file to finish the conversion process. The speed at which this will be converted is dependent on your internet speed. If it’s fast enough, you’ll have your mp4 file ready in a few seconds.

Step 5: When the conversion process is over, a link will be displayed which you can click and have the video downloaded straight to your device.

Using Ontiva to Download Videos From YouTube

Ontiva is another site that can offer you similar features as evano and even more. With ontiva, you can download videos from YouTube and later convert them to mp4 file format. You can also download the webm videos directly as mp4 files and no need for the subsequent conversions. That’s the major difference between both sites. One offers conversion for an already downloaded webm file, while the other downloads directly as mp4. So you can convert your older videos into mp4 with evano, and download new videos directly from YouTube with ontiva.

The following steps can help you directly download videos from YouTube using ontiva.

Step 1: Simply open the site with the address, and you will find a similar bar like that of evano as they are both centralized in the page that you can’t miss them. In this case, you are met with a search tab. You can type the name of video you want to download directly on the search tab or go to YouTube, copy the link address and paste it there.

Step 2: After that, you can click on “Start Now” and it will load to reveal the next page as shown below.

Step 3: Click on the video drop-down menu and select MP4, then finally click on download to have your video downloaded directly into your device.


You can convert webm to mp4 and enjoy all your favorite videos offline using evano and ontiva which offer seamless downloads, and unlimited daily conversions. The webm file is not meant for online purposes which is why it won’t play freely on your media player. However, the mp4 format was made for the media players offline and can work freely on them, making the conversion process really important. 

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

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