Wearing FFP2 Masks

The  ffp2 masks  protect the wearer against dust and toxic aerosols. They can be used when the air is loaded with dust and toxic fumes. They can be worn when the atmosphere is loaded with pathogen.Especially used FFP2 masks in the industry  chemical, metallurgical and food. This is because long-term inhalation of  toxic fumes or  fumes can cause respiratory illnesses such as lung cancer. These masks are also used within the medical world. Ffp2 masks are used by nursing staff in hospitals since they can prevent inhalation of bacteria as well as influenza viruses. When they are for hospital use, the ffp2 masks do not have a valve in order to avoid contaminating the external environment.

What is the lifespan for ffp2 masks?

There are two varieties of ffp respiratory protection masks : masks with valves and masks without valves . The presence of an exhalation valve improves breathing comfort. However, it has no influence on the service life of the equipment.

The masks are intended for single use. They can be worn for a maximum of 8 hours . In places loaded with dust and humidity, the life of the protective mask decreases. Indeed, the mask ffp1, ffp2 and ffp3 saturates when it is too wet. It then loses in efficiency. This is also the case when it gets dirty from dust.

The ffp1, ffp2 and ffp3 masks have an expiration date. Indeed, the filtration quality of these respiratory protection masks deteriorates over time. The storage conditions   have an influence on the lifespan of these personal protection devices. In order to guarantee the integrity of the mask, it is important to store them in ventilated places and protected from humidity. It is also necessary to ensure that the masks do not present any scratches, otherwise they lose all their effectiveness.

The FFP2, a more filtering mask than the surgical mask

An FFP2 or KN95 mask is part of the respiratory protection devices and will therefore be more efficient in terms of filtration of particles, and therefore viruses, since it blocks the passage of microbes with a size of only 0.6 µm, against 3 µm for a surgical mask. Also, the FFP2 offers a better seal on the face, in other words, the leaks are much less.

A KN95 or FFP2 medical mask will therefore offer protection to the wearer against the risk of inhalation of droplets and particles suspended in the air. It is the mask to wear to protect yourself against viruses in general, including influenza and SARS-CoV-2 during this pandemic period, when you are in contact with an infected person.These are also the ones that the suppliers wholesale to healthcare professionals in the hospital. Thus, the FFP2 and KN95 masks are more effective than thesurgical masks  orwashable fabric masks . This is proven by the tests which are carried out on it.

The FFP2 masks are the most complex protection devices than those using surgical doctors and nurses to protect the patient from contamination in the operating room. The FFP2 are instead designed to protect operators from external contamination and calls for this Dpi, or Personal Protective Equipment. Let’s find out the characteristics, use and duration of FFP2 masks.

Characteristics of ffp2 farbig

The ffp2 farbig masks classification falls within the three envisaged by the reference standard UNI EN 149: 2009 concerning respiratory protection masks. The three protection classes have been established on the basis of filtering efficiency but all are made entirely or mainly of filtering material, and cover the nose, mouth and often also the chin.These masks can have one or more valves and are designed to protect against both fine dust and water-based mists, liquid aerosols and fumes.

The mask with filter ffp2 maske blau offers a second level of respiratory protection and is generally used in the pharmaceutical, textile, steel, mining, wood, automotive, agricultural, fruit and vegetable industries, in analysis laboratories and by doctors and health personnel exposed to risks.The ffp2 maske blau have the ability to protect the respiratory tract from dust, fumes and mists of particles that have a level of toxicity included between low and medium and corresponding to 12 times the limit value imposed by the legislation. The degree of protection ffp2 is equal to 94% of the particles suspended in the air and ensures an internal loss of less than 8%.

Ffp2 masks how long they last

How many times can the ffp2 farbig masks be used ? It is one of the most frequently asked questions, which must be answered by emphasizing first of all that in general the masks are disposable and should be used and thrown away within 6 or 8 hours. However, the duration of the ffp2 maske blau is different from the common surgical ones and in fact they can be reused several times but only those marked with the letter R and provided that the material is not worn.

How to wear ffp2 mask

To ensure adequate protection, the ffp2 mask must be worn correctly. First of all, the protective device should adapt perfectly to the contours of the face and must cover both the mouth and the nose. For example, if you have a beard, the mask does not adhere well and its effectiveness is nullified. Once positioned on the face you need to hook the rubber bands behind the head or the ears and make sure that it perfectly covers the mouth and nose.


FFP2 masks, when properly worn, lie close to the face so that the mask filters the air when you inhale and exhale. But for this, the mask must be worn absolutely correctly. Then the mask is sucked into the face when you inhale. If you feel a stream of air on your face, something is wrong with the mask fit.

These masks actually come from occupational safety and are not intended for layperson use, says Johannes Knobloch, head of the hospital hygiene department at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf: “If it is not put on absolutely tightly, it does not work better than a simple disposable mask.”